The possible use of common property to address the commons problem

The Possible Use of Common Property to Address the Commons Problem


The commons problem is one of the most widespread problems all over the world. It is a concept introduced by Garrett Hardin, which reflects the idea that individuals tend to act in a selfish way. This way is contrary to the interests of the whole group. The explanation of this idea has a reflection in the following. The tragedy of commons takes into account a shared resource, which companies tend to use in order to generate profits and increase their sustainability. This problem takes place within different contexts, which involve politics, psychology, economics, anthropology, environment and various other spheres. The tragedy of commons has similarities with global warming, which has the same significance to the development of business world. Hardin brings the topic to understanding through the diversity of comparisons. For instance, he takes an example from the biological segment claiming that any organism should have enough energy from resources surrounding him in order to continue living. The same idea penetrates any other segment of life and means that there is a need to have rational selection and distribution of resources. It means that it is necessary to take into account the problem of resource distribution since the Earth is so fragile that it cannot reproduce the same resources. It means that human activity can be devastating in different aspects, which can have a destructive impact on the development of the world.

The commons problem may seem to be not a serious one as long as everybody knows that the surrounding world is capable of restoring its resources with the same intensity it used to create it (Hardin). However, human activity may be abusive as the Earth does not have an endless set of resources. One of the aspects of the commons problem is that every human is willing to launch his/her own business in order to ensure his/her welfare and familys prosperity. It is a natural action, which every individual strives to undertake in order to take care of his relatives. It means that business is a natural expression of the desire of every human to take care of his life. In fact, the contemporary development of the world obtained a devastating character, which means that if there is not enough action taken to preserve the world, it will be impossible to maintain the same level of sustainability. There are two solutions to the problem, which appear in the first line.

First, it is possible to think about cooperation. Common property can become a solution to serious problems, which represent a significant threat to the world and society in general as there will be not enough resources for maintaining normal life conditions. Common property can become a key aspect as long as it will integrate people into a single community working on the generation of welfare and support of sustainability (Wade). Corporate social responsibility can become one of the elements of the establishment of common property rights, which will help to provide the world with appropriate set of resources. For example, companies can provide environment with ecologically friendly technologies and initiatives, which aim to lead to the balance between consumed resources and the companys input into the development of the world. In addition, corporate social responsibility can become a linking aspect in the development of both business and the surrounding world. Another example of common rights effectiveness is one of the most common situations, which reflect the efficiency of the method. Many families have a car. It is not surprising that in most cases family members share the same car. It may be a limiting factor for satisfying human needs in time. However, it is also an effective tool, which helps to take care of family budget, fulfill needs and have a minimum impact on the environment. It is possible to take this model as a platform for the creation of global patterns of using common property. For example, corporations and companies involved in the same industry can cooperate and even integrate into a single entity in order to produce the same set of products with enhanced efficiency. Territories can be shared between companies and save the worlds greenlands and natural lands, which bring sustainability to the development. The same idea can be spread in the sphere of politics, which also faces the tragedy of commons. For example, countries can learn how to share interests focused on the same problems or points of interests in cooperation. The world forgot the way to share resources. Instead of fighting for the right to be the owner of the land or any other type of resources, it will be more effective to share it and involve in cooperation in order to reach prosperity.

The second important aspect of establishing an appropriate solution in the light of common property is the division of labor. It can be a consequence of cooperation, which will lead to the effective usage of available resources. For example, companies which turn to cooperation and integration into a single business entity can make a contract for manufacturing separate details of the final product. The share of profits will be equal and it will be possible to increase them. However, the positive side of this initiative is that it will enable minimizing the negative effects of overexploitation of resources.

One of the most widespread examples of the problem is mentioned in the article by Acheson, and it concerns the performance of the seafood industry, lobster catching in particular. In fact, the article reflects the idea that the territory is divided in several parts, which can be accessed by individuals (Acheson). However, there are many conflicts, which cannot find resolution through the lens of the common property. In general, these conflicts take place based on the idea that every entrepreneur wants to increase his profits. It is impossible to have a guarantee that there are enough measures taken to regulate the situation. In fact, it is possible to claim that this segment of life can also be managed through the lens of common property rights. For example, the area prepared for catching lobsters can be integrated into a single territory without separation for every individual. It is possible to make it a common property and create a schedule, which will allow using this territory according to the list.

In conclusion, it is possible to claim that the commons problem remains one of the most serious ones; it can harm the surrounding world and lead to numerous conflicts. These conflicts may take place not only within social segment, but also within environment. Nature is a fragile part of the world, which cannot exist without human efforts aimed to save it and take care of every living organism. The researched topic indicates that common property can become a key to solving different problems faced within business and social segments. All efforts should have a reflection in activities of every citizen. Environmentally friendly actions can help eradicate the problem, which has become one of the most alarming ones. In fact, every action should have an intention to lead to cooperation based on the initiatives of sharing the common property.

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