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A new beauty shop is called Immaculate. It is located in Dallas, TX. The specific feature of the new beauty shop is that its services are performed in the oriental style, and the main advantage is its original Asian haircuts. Haircuts are not the only service, which is available for clients. People can also use other services, such as spa massages, various baths, body treatment, cosmetic treatment and others. Hence, if a customer wants to receive a full atmosphere of Asian culture, then one can find everything in Immaculate. Professional staff is always trained in order to improve its skills and satisfy all clients demands.

Key words: beauty shop, haircuts, procedures, fashion, trends

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Marketing Plan Description

Product Description

Immaculate is a new beauty shop, which is located in Dallas, TX. The specific feature of this beauty shop is that a client receives an opportunity to have a haircut from a professional hairdresser, who specializes in oriental and eastern Asian haircuts. Fashion in the western world, as well as fashion in the eastern world, has more differences than similarities. Haircuts are performed in a specific oriental style that can be noticed at first glance. The latest tendency in the world of fashion has shown that many Americans have a great interest in everything that is connected with the exotic world. Thus, a new beauty shop will satisfy this demand and introduce new haircut styles, which are very popular today.

Oriental haircuts are not the only specific feature of Immaculate. A new beauty shop introduces the variety of other services, such as spa massage, body treatment, cosmetic treatment, body wraps, and waxing. These services give an opportunity to receive the full variety of oriental procedures and to visit the traditional Asian beauty shop without living the United States.

As it was mentioned above, this beauty shop is oriented primarily on the young generation and people who want to try exotic services, which are not typical for the traditional American culture. Immaculate also provides numerous discounts for its clients. Moreover, each client who visits this beauty shop for the first time has an opportunity to choose one of the services for free, if one uses any other two services.

Immaculate provides a high quality service for its clients, and, if a person does not like a new haircut, one has a right to receive an ordinary haircut again for free.

Product Functionality and Design

The beauty shop is designed in a traditional oriental style. One can find here decorations and architecture ornaments, which correspond to the typical Asian beauty shop. The design of Immaculate beauty shop resembles the presence of oriental atmosphere.

Immaculate will be located in a two store building. On the first floor, one may find hairdressers and make a stylish haircut, while the second floor will present the spa and other services. The first floor consists of two rooms: one room is dedicated solely for the male haircuts, and the other room is for female customers. Each room has four sits, which means that the beauty shop is able to provide service for 8 clients simultaneously: four men and four women. The second floor is equipped with necessary tools to provide the mentioned services for the clients. The beauty shop will have 4 senior member staff and two assistants to perform the services of the beauty shop. Moreover, on the first floor, one will find a waiting room where six people can spend their time while waiting in line for their services.

The staff of the beauty shop is marked as high quality professionals who have rich experiences in providing these particular services. Few hairdresser masters from Japan are invited in order to teach the staff how to make oriental haircuts. Due to this step, hairdressers receive an opportunity to improve their skills regularly and be always aware of the latest trends in fashion.

Another important aspect of Immaculate beauty shop is attitude towards the client. Politeness and friendship are the main principles, which, together with professionalism, bring the quality of service on a high level. All the visitors have an opportunity to read magazines, watch TV, listen to music or drink a glass of fresh juice, water or other drink, while they are waiting. Clients satisfaction is the key point of the beauty shop and, thus, any client should always be satisfied even if one is not receiving services at the present moment. Moreover, Immaculate has a book where clients may leave their wishes and propositions. If the client has any specific desire concerning the provided services, one should address it to the staff and a suitable solution for the request will be found in a timely manner.

Features and Benefits Analysis

Original services

Exotic haircuts

Asian spa procedures

Pleasant atmosphere

Oriental style

Asian culture

Specific services

Professional staff

Masters invited from Japan, Korea and China

Pleasant and friendly atmosphere

Variety of services

Haircuts, massages, spa services, etc.

Original oriental procedures

Clients satisfaction

Full specter of services which are targeted on clients satisfaction

Book of wishes and propositions.

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