Performance Evaluation And Risk Management

Portfolio performance ratios and evaluation should appear as the main factor of the investment decision procedure. Such... Read more >>

Market Failure

As it is known, contemporary world endures the process of economic liberalization and globalization. While this phenomen... Read more >>

Future of Africa

The research paper covers the future trends in Africa. It investigates the security issues both natural and human-made and how they can affect the present and future economy. It also examines the current economy of Africa and how such factors as innovations and technology can change it with time. Read more >>


The global economy projections for the year 2017 follow the current trends. Thus, the following year is likely to be a period of stable but slow paced growth with some major challenges, which have always been present in the global markets in recent years. The results of the US presidential election, Brexit, as well as the devaluation of Chinese Yuan will all have an influence on the world economy in 2017. Read more >>

Economics of Egypt Report

Over the reviewed period, imports increased by 3.5 times, while exports grew by almost 200%. Egypt, Arab rep. (2016) Read more >>

Union Management

Bargaining power denotes the partys ability to induce another party to accept an agreement on their terms. Economic factors are the greatest influence of parties bargaining power. When the economy is healthy, the profits are high, the market share is growing, and the cost of living rises at a negligible pace, unions can bargain over management Read more >>