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TV network for teenagers



TV Network Teens is a modern TV network for teenagers 13-19 years old, trusted by parents. Its mission is to unite in one space different teenagers of different nationalities. The main principle is that teenagers must participate in the process of creation. It will be a combination of videos, films, recordings, readings, articles and individual correspondence. All these aspects must be connected with teenagers interests and develop them. As a result, it will provide pop news as well as business news. This network will show teenage films as well as documentaries. It will also provide proverbs of famous philosophers, create puzzles, and teenagers will share all this information. It will be a combination of different types of techniques.


The whole network will consist of general part and individual cabinets. In the general part it is possible to read and watch articles from the paper versions of different magazines. It will give some information about love, sex, psychology, travel, beauty and fashion. Teenagers will find the most interesting daily news about everything in the world, including their favorite stars. Teenagers can also participate in hundreds of different contests and win cool prizes, from movie tickets to the brand new iPhone. They will learn what is now fashionable, in which stores to look for the cool stuff, etc. They can read reviews of the best films, records, books. TV can show most accurate astrological forecasts. Teenagers can participate in interesting polls, read cool quotes and see great pictures. They can also start their blogs, which will be shown as a film.


Such TV network of new generation will be very popular since it will have an interesting content and will make teenagers develop and advance. Such techniques as private video recordings and individual blogs will make teenagers feel comfortable and will give more opportunities to invite other participants. From the other point of view, the TV network can be interesting to parents, too, because they will see development of their children. One more reason for its popularity is that there are distinctive features of the real and virtual communication and in such TV Network it is possible to illuminate this difference or decrease it. Teenagers will watch films and it will be a basis for their face-to-face communication. Features and basic ways of communication will be used not only for gossiping but also for writing e-mails, forums (ICQ), participating in chat rooms, creating other social networks to discuss more serious topics. In media industry it is called the combination of real and virtual worlds (Potter, 2006).

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One more trick of media industry to attract more users is transformation of characteristics of the concept of personality the integrity of social characteristics of man, the product of social development and inclusion of an individual in the system of social relations through active work and communication.

Features of social statuses and roles of an individual


The main promotion strategy is to make this network as an information portal of education system, which will be given as a must to all schools and universities and all information will be given as an introduction. It is possible to use the targeted advertising. The most common method of advertising is to show news about schools, shop centers and other interests for young people. It is possible to advertise users from some certain countries, cities, streets, with a specific interest, age and so on. Thus, this TV network will influence people by advertising, which will be to your taste.

One of the ways to promote this TV network is advertising in applications. In the social sphere there is a huge variety of applications. Thus games are also useful software to create avatars, pictures, and so on. Advance in social networks is also using applications. It is possible to develop or sponsor. Most applications have millions of users. One of very effective means of promotion is organizing competitions. It is possible to activate the target audience in the social network with help of any promotions, contests or discounts. Users love such things and react favorably to them. Game shows with good contests and prizes are going to attract a lot of people.


This teenage TV network will allow users to join online around their common interests, hobbies, or in different occasions. For example, in future it will become the worldwide network, which will be useful and relaxing for teenagers. More than that, it can be useful to the Ministry of Education to compare programs and see interests of young people.

This network will focus on supporting teenagers in different situations, formation of young peoples trust in information based on consideration of their opinions about the situation, about how to make this network better, thereby allowing teenagers feel that they are important.

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