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Internet has created new opportunities for uniting people. It helps to find persons which hold the same views and share visions and interests all over the world. People are consolidating in communities with the same interests and develop models of production which they would like to have. So, such communities not just form a demand, they form a particular shape of necessary product or service. Both presented articles state that current communities are not only consumers; they are also produces, or prosumers.

People not just reflect their ideas; they judge the others ideas and determine the best one, like it was with They share their visions and make recommendations. Most of the creators do not search any financial benefits for their works. They just reflect their creativity, communicate with like-minded persons and search for kudos. Of course, money is also necessary for implementation these ideas into real life and for encouragement of unusual approaches. However, money does not play the main role.

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Of course, only really good product, decision or idea could be successful. Internet helps global corporations to unite scientists and creators all over the world and to find the best idea and the best approach of solving existing problems (strategy of P&G). It is notable that sometimes people without any special education can develop approaches quite different and much more successful than people who received special higher education and have wide experience. This is explained by new vision and new approach.

Current development of various technologies makes it possible to bring ideas into real life. Creation facilities became cheaper, smarter and easier and lead to considerable decreasing of time between an idea and its implementation. In the modern life equipment which is necessary for making films, photos and newspapers are rather cheap, affordable and accessible. A person could make high-quality unusual photos without expensive cameras and not spending years on studying. Animated film can be created without considerable funds. Only creativity, desire and aspiration are necessary.

Global network makes it possible to find answers to various questions through communication with professionals. Everyone has an ability to ask and to communicate with different people all over the world. Also, various scientific papers and amateur articles can be obtained freely. So, in modern world a person has an ability to receive and study information about everything. Internet takes away any limits of self-education and self-reflection, which previously existed: lack of money, knowledge, experience, audience, recommendation, judgment and recognition.

Success of corporations which were based on cooperation of like-minded individuals shows that communities with similar interests, where people support each other and develop shared ideas, is much more effective than companies, which employ workers with good skills but without particular aim and real personal desire to succeed. A person should really love his work and idea for creation something unique.

The other aspect of success of any company in modern community is openness of information. People should know about the product, they should freely express their ideas and should have an ability to influence it. became extremely popular, because everybody could create a unique shirt, even without being a designer. P&G appealed to various scientists all over the world for solving complicated questions. So, every scientist can make his contribution into this global company. Only communication and interaction lead to rise of interest and popularity of a product, notwithstanding whether it is a film, a music band or a T-shirt. P&G not just solved its problems; it creates new products with the help of global community

Global corporations divide complicated tasks into smaller and simpler components. Community presents its creative solutions and even finds this process fun because it has some form of competition. Crowdsourcing reflects peoples originality. It is notable that often people discover their new talents, which were not apparent in their common life.

It should be mentioned that a person who received knowledge from the global network and created something new, usually intends to share it with the other people. So, some kind of interchange of knowledge takes place. It is a background of future development of global society.

New way of creation of production and reflection ideas leads to changes in current industries. Technical supports and development units were removed to internet, so common workers lose their jobs. However, this process creates thousands of new workers which provide more comprehensive and creative approaches.

Wikipedia is an example of a successful interaction and collaboration of people all over the world. This on-line encyclopedia has been created on the basis of existing Nupedia, however, developers created a possibility to edit and to enter something new to it. Every person registered or not can add new information. So, Wikipedia provides up-to-date and comprehensive vision on a great variety of events and processes all over the world.

1. What is the future of prosumers and the role of Internet in it?

2. What are possible negative sides of increasing of on-line developers?

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