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Opinion #1

In 1938 when radio was the most popular way of entertaining, every script writer was of great interest to the audience. The peculiarity of the play The War of the Worlds is that all actors do not play actual roles, they all play announcers or scientists. This is one of the main reasons why some listeners had taken all the information to heart. Moreover, Welless voice seems to be made to announce the information about such catastrophes as the aliens attack. The mass hysteria provoked by Welles showed that mass media have a great impact on peoples minds. Perhaps, this was the first step in the development of mass media mind control that is present in modern TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. In my opinion, Welles was the first who proved that people may be influenced, and thus they may be ruled by the means of mass media. Nowadays, as people tend to read less newspapers and magazines, some do not listen to the radio at all, this role has been overtaken by the Internet. However, the idea remains the same: people may be manipulated if they are told something in a serious tone.

Opinion #2

Long take is the episode that lasts more than forty five seconds. The movie Children of Men is full of long takes, which adds expression and emotional depth to it. In my opinion, long takes help the director to express the main idea of the episode. Speaking about Children of Men there were two most impressive long take scenes: the scene in the car and the uprising scene. Both of the scenes were supposed to show all the depth of characters feelings. The main idea is to show all the drama of moment. It helps the director keep the audience on their toes. The advantage of long takes is that they make actors live their roles and not play. Long takes are rather difficult to shoot because they require perfect actor play, because there are no additional takes.

Opinion #3

Speaking about old and modern movies, one can always make a choice between those two. In my opinion, the old movies are better than modern ones. In the beginning of the twentieth century, movies were silent which made audience think of a movie, as well as made actors express the emotions better. It is interesting to watch old silent movies because they show the full depth of emotions. In addition, some of the movies have become true masterpieces even of the modern age. Moreover, most of the movies were narrative, thus, the audience should not distract the attention because something could be missed. In my opinion, when movies became voiced, their quality became lower. This is the reason why I prefer to watch silent movies. Not only because of their depth and pureness of emotions, but because one may come up with his or her own thoughts and ideas while watching it. It is not surprising that for most of the artists old silent movies are the source of inspiration.

Opinion #4

Having watched the both scenes, one may see the difference between those two film techniques. The common thing for those two is that they both are used for showing movement. In the Touch of Evil opening scene the director was willing to show the movement of the car whereas in Goodfellas the director was showing the movement of the couple. In my opinion, the technique used by Welles expressed this movement better. It does not seem that one chases someone or something. Moreover, when the car stops, the camera is still going back; the director creates the feeling that camera means nothing, it is only an observer of the opening scene. In Goodfellas the director used the long take technique. However, it did not express anything. The audience sees nothing but backs of the main characters and faces of some people whom they are passing buy.

Opinion #5

The 180 degree rule has become rather popular among some directors. The 180 degree rule is the rule of cinema, stating that when shooting two characters a camera should not cross the imaginary line that passes through both characters. In other words, the shooting angle can be changed (one of those close-up, over the shoulder, on the chest, the general plan, etc.), but in different frames (contiguous segments of the film from On to Off camera) one character has to be on the left, the second on the right. The director of The Lord of the Rings has found an interesting solution with Gollum. This character was talking to himself, while the "good" Gollum looking left, and the "bad" one to the right.

180 degree rule is also used in other types of scenes:

If the car is out of frame to the right, the next frame must be part of the left side. To break this chain, we have to insert the tape into the scene movement directly at the viewer or away from it.

In the battle scenes, one of the warring sides is always on the left while the other one is on the right, etc.

Violation of this rule confuses the viewer. So break it rarely - mostly for comic effect. On the other hand, I think that using 180 degree rule should not be overused. Moreover, I even consider this rule inappropriate for some scenes and movies where it was used. Besides, when shooting my own movie, I would use such a rule not for shooting people but objects, such as buildings, cars etc. In my opinion, this could make them more alive and bring some particular zest to a movie. Again, I should admit that directors should not overuse this technique because it may seem that a person is watching not a movie but an advertisement of a building or a car. The same problem is with breaking this rule which is mostly broken in the comedies.

Opinion #6

Answering the question. American way. Do our films contribute to a global village in which people share a universal culture?

In the end of the last century the process of globalization has started. In my opinion, the Hollywood has played not the last and, obviously, not the least role in this process. In Hollywood movies directors tend to show American way of life, how good it is to be an American, and thus, people from all over the world watching those movies dream to live such a life. Although, Indian Bollywood produces more movies annually than Hollywood does, Hollywood movies are more popular, mostly because of the political and economic situation in the country. Another cause why Hollywood movies are more popular and better known those produced in Bollywood is that the producers and PR managers tend to spend more money for advertising new movies. Thus, I agree that American movies contribute greatly to a global village in which people share a universal culture, because Americans are the ones who create this culture hence making our nation the role model for such a global society. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages that we should keep in mind. One of the greatest disadvantages is that the Americans are responsible for this global culture because we have become the role model for it. Therefore, we should do everything possible to contribute only the best into the globalized society.

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