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Analysis of Story Selection

Journalistic values have an enormous relation to the stories on It is vital to note that journalistic values call for appealing stories that are also informative. Additionally, the stories are supposed to be as current as possible, in order to attract more attention among individuals. On, there are numerous stories, including Colts loss in San Diego American Football, the city-county council passing the 2014 budget and increasing revenue for more police, the selection of judges to hear the Bisard trial, the adjustment of the anti-bullying law in schools, and a weather report. These particular stories were chosen because of their important nature and the feeling that everyone needs to have access to them. According to the Tribune Broadcasting Company (2013), these matters were selected because they touch on matters of importance to all occupants, living in Indianapolis and would play an instrumental role in passing across relevant information to all readers who may have access to the website. The direct relationship of these stories to Indianapolis necessitated the choice of these stories with the aim of keeping all individuals abreast of the current events. The stories were put in the order stated above because of the difference in the times of occurrence of each of the events. It is significant to note that the stories relating to the most current events, such as the loss of Colts in San Diego and the passing of the budget by the city council. They are arranged in the order of their occurrence, as they occurred within different time lines. All of these stories are given catchy headlines that would easily attract the attention of any reader who wants to keep abreast with the emerging issues. Journalists always look forward to bringing individuals up to speed with the current news events and will, in most cases, arrange them according to their timelines for a successful informative process.

The Websites Reflection of the Days Reality in the City has an excellent reflection of the reality of Indianapolis in line with the events that occurred on 14 October 2013. The website reflects the reality of Indianapolis on October 14 superbly, in the sense it provides more context and nuance of all types of events that have occurred in Indianapolis. The excellent reflection of the city reality is achieved through extensive coverage of all issues relating to Indianapolis. Ward (2013) affirms that the reality is seen in its coverage of all sorts of stories, such as sports news, political news, weather news, and economic news. It covers most of the days happenings substantively, hence reflecting the actual reality of Indianapolis and the overall form of crucial matters that took place in the city on October 14. There are no noticeable exaggerations of the pieces of news presented, hence emphasizing on the reality of Indianapolis.

A next-step reality approach was highly utilized in the selection of the stories on This is highlighted by the fact that most of the stories that appeared on October 14 were brought out in the manner that provided more context, nuance, and texture to the events that were being reported. Zelizer (2009) asserts that the next-step reality was utilized in the selection of these stories to ensure that all readers get the correct view of Indianapolis and the activities taking place in the city. It is vital to point out that there was the overemphasis of the topic relating to the city-county councils decision to pass the 2014 budget, hence increasing the allocation for police hiring in the city. This was overemphasized because of its overall importance to the city and the instrumental role that the budget would play in the lives of individuals living in Indianapolis. The dimensions of reality that were met in the selection of the stories and the emphasis on topics included the timeliness of the events and the context of the events that were reported. However, the dimension of reality realty relating to event narration was not met effectively because of some noticeable exaggerations in the events reporting.

Local Events not Covered

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One of the most newsworthy local event that was not reported on was the news relating to paving scams, affecting homeowners in the city. These news highlight the view that most homeowners in the city were regularly falling victims of poor quality of workmanship and inferior materials that most tricky paving companies utilized. This has contributed to the loss of money among most of homeowners in Indianapolis. Scripps TV Station Group (2013) opines that another crucial local newsworthy event that was not captured on is the vandalization of tombstones and memorials in the New Albany cemetery in Indianapolis. This is crucial news, as it has a direct effect on the operations of individuals in the city as well as its security mechanisms. These two issues are important because both of them touch on the effectiveness of security mechanisms in Indianapolis. For instance, it is only through significant security channels that fraudulent paving companies and vandal criminals can be netted and arrested in the due time. Both news items are of enormous urgency to the citys security apparatus, hence making them more important. The two newsworthy events were not covered on, as they could have been deemed matters of less importance and urgency in the city. failed to cover the two events because they tend to be limited to some individuals within the city, rather than affecting the entire population.

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