Communication and media

communication assignment

With the emergence of modern technologies, flow of information has become easy and faster. Different mediums of communication have been invented thus making flow of information very easy. News story is a perfect example of media commonly used in the modern society Read more >>


The establishment and foundation of the Red Cross began in 1859 by Henri Dunant. The main incentive that brought him to the idea of creating such organization was the Battle of Solferino. Dunant witnessed that during the 15 hours of fight more than 40,000 people were wounded Read more >>

Case Study 2

The case revolves around the managing editor of a weekly newspaper, which is published in a small Southern community. 25 percent of the community is minority populations. The newspaper has a printed and an online edition, and the time has come for the managing editor to hire a new reporter Read more >>


In 1938 when radio was the most popular way of entertaining, every script writer was of great interest to the audience. The peculiarity of the play The War of the Worlds is that all actors do not play actual roles, they all play announcers or scientists. This is one of the main reasons why some listeners had taken all the information to heart Read more >>


The marketing paradigm suggests that even centuries ago, those people, who were selling goods or commodities, had been aware that advertising their product would make people want to buy it, regardless of the initial desire. Although advertising industry would not appear for hundreds of years, even then some of the techniques were adopted and brought into the business Read more >>

TV Network

TV Network Teens is a modern TV network for teenagers 13-19 years old, trusted by parents. Its mission is to unite in one space different teenagers of different nationalities. The main principle is that teenagers must participate in the process of creation Read more >>