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(1) The kind of press that serves only partisan interests is limited to one audience. Such press is oriented on the particular political group, which subsidizes the newspaper, and all editorial pages are devoted to them. The earliest papers were mainly created for the privileged readers since at the time they appeared only wealthy people could afford them Read more >>

Mass Media

The emergence and rapid development of the mass media phenomenon has introduced a series of changes to the concept of communication, providing it with a range of new channels and new forms. As a result, nowadays mass media can be regarded as an implicit yet integral part of the conventional life, which influences human cognitive and communicational patterns to the extent of determining what people should think about (Wilson) Read more >>


Mass media are traditionally regarded as a powerful social phenomenon, which has served as a dominant source of information for the general population from the moment of its introduction. Hence, it was not long before people discovered that mass media create a broad pathway for manipulation, considering the gullibility of individuals to the facts received via mass media devices supported by frequent lack of trust towards one another Read more >>


Journalistic values have an enormous relation to the stories on It is vital to note that journalistic values call for appealing stories that are also informative. Additionally, the stories are supposed to be as current as possible, in order to attract more attention among individuals Read more >>

Reading Response

Internet has created new opportunities for uniting people. It helps to find persons which hold the same views and share visions and interests all over the world. People are consolidating in communities with the same interests and develop models of production which they would like to have Read more >>


Just like any other thing in the world, the Internet has both positive and negative effects on the society today. However, one specific part of the web - social networking - has become the first thing that comes to ones mind when the Internet is mentioned. What is the reason for this obsession? Why do people enjoy using the Internet for communication? In terms of the example of, one can study the human social behavior and understand the role of social networking sites in the life of the modern world. Read more >>