Communication and media


The rapid growth of the Internet use experienced in the recent past, with the incredible flow of information that has been brought by it has made it possible to conduct advertisements. It has led to the emergence of massive online advertisement by many brands as they are sure to reach a bigger number of clients Read more >>

The Role of Internet in Different Industries

Running head: THE ROLE OF INTERNET IN DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES 1. 1. As of January 2014, 87% of adults use the internet in the United States. Read more >>

My Understanding of Globalization

The term globalization had appeared about thirty years ago and had a major impact on the world. Globalization is a process of international integration on financial, political, cultural levels. According to International Monetary Fund (2002), four things are the basis of globalization: financial flows, trade, people and knowledge (technology) Read more >>


1) Communication is a complex process of interaction between people, which consists in the exchange of information and the perception and understanding of partners. In principle, communication is typical for all living beings. However, only at the level of the human communication, process becomes conscious, connected by verbal and nonverbal acts Read more >>


This paper presents a research conducted by Jonathan Safran Foer on Chipotle experimentations with disposable literature. He uses ethnographic method to analyze communicative phenomenon making a field study. The fast-food chain Chipotle wanted to provide unique notes and articles on the bags and cups used in their restaurants as a way to promote thoughtfulness without pushing a business agenda. Read more >>

The Bachelor's Shameless Mockery of Reality

Reality shows have become a great part of todays television. Their popularity brings TV channels millions of dollars every year. People tend to replace their own lives with reality TV shows, because the picture on TV seems more interesting, bright, and exciting to them than their everyday routine Read more >>