Communication and media

How Digital Media Affects Young People

In the morning, barely waking up, I grab my iPhone to check emails, Facebook notifications and new pictures on Instagram. It is as normal as to brush my teeth and drink a glass of... Read more >>

Social Media: A Positive Communication Tool or a Worldwide Threat?

As the popularity of any innovation that can simplify people’s life progressively increases around the world, it is important to discuss the growing tendency of social media usage... Read more >>

No Title

1. How does the self-concept of some jurors influence their behavior in this film? Who do these men believe they are? What factors do you think influence their perceptions of the young man on trial?. Self-assessment of the jury plays an important role in the decision Read more >>

Dialectical Tensions

Question 1: Identify and Describe 4 Ways of Responding to Dialectical Tensions in Relationships. Assess the Value of Each. Dialectical tensions are inevitable in any given relationship Read more >>

Non-Objective Story

News reports rarely provide a complete vision of reality. Largely, some details are left out, and their choice is mainly a subjective one, whereby reporters perceptions are mainly biased in some form. Although political attitudes of most Americans remain reasonably moderate, polarization is still vivid Read more >>


The movie District 9 was an unexpected hit both for its creators and the cast. The film did not have big names starring in it, but it still attracted a large audience. It also received praise from the critics thanks to the interesting theme of segregation and exploitation Read more >>