Communication and media

Role of the Media in the Struggle for Gender Inequality in Public Office

Introduction The struggle for women’s equality in the society is far from being over. There are many areas in the... Read more >>

Music of Africa

The rhythm of music resembles the national heartbeat. Sometimes it is steady, and sometimes it is irregular. It is a pat... Read more >>

Language and Culture Influence on the Way of Thinking

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Media and Pop Culture

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Bharatanatyam Dance

The classical dance of Bharatanatyam has its origin in India, especially the Hindu temples located in Tamil Nadu and its surrounding areas like Karnataka in the Southern India. The fact that this type of dance had women as its exclusive performers makes it an interesting dance. Read more >>

Communication Strategies

In life, when people are exposed to situations, they tend to take varying positions depending on their changing attitude towards the issue. These positions range from one end to another either for or against while others are in between. Read more >>