Compare and Contrast Two Pairs of Interiors

The interior of the Robert Adam for the Duke of Northumberland, Great Hall, Syon Park, ca. 1761 and Philip Johnson, Glass House, front façade, New Canaan, Connecticut, 1949 have spaces that reflect on the reflection of contemporary socio-cultural and political needs. The interior design of the Glass House reflects on socio-cultural needs based on the fact that it is a living space.

On the other hand, Adam’s Great Hall acts as a reflection of political needs since it was constructed for the Duke of Northumberland. In this case, the interior is comprised of statues that are well arranged in the room to compliment the interior design of the building. Johnson, Glass House reflects on socio-cultural needs through its setting, decorations and the purpose it served during its era.

Johnson’s Glass House reflects on the influence of modernism. The house is comprised of a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and a space for the dining area and entertainment. All these rooms are well arranged in the rectangular structure that measures 56 feet by 32 feet. Johnson collaborated with Richard Kelly who was an American architectural lighting designer to provide a key mechanism that influenced the overall interior of the structure by emphasizing on the transparency qualities of the building. Additionally, the collaboration played an essential role in enhancing the deep interiority of a guest house. Electric lighting was employed in the structure. As a result, it created a variety of visual effects that amplified the interior and architectural scenes and settings of the building.

The house is a clear depiction of contemporary socio-cultural needs through its application of international styles in its designs. The use of Glass influences the interior through the view of the landscapes. Evidently, the style was utilized in the building as a modern residential architectural technique. The style is essential through the illusion it creates in relation to bringing the exterior inside the living spaces. The socio-cultural needs are also evident through the evident feasible inhabitation of the domestic spaces.

Great Hall reflects on the political needs through the honoring the Duke of Northumberland. In this case, the room is composed of a beautiful interior that is inspired by Adam’s creativity. Adam implemented a modern spin into the interior of the room. In this case, the room is comprised of neoclassical themes that are influenced significantly by Roman and Greek culture. Evidently, Adam based on the room on the Roman Basilica based on the visible features that are utilized. In this case, the room is comprised of Doric columns and classical busts that are evident through the Claudius and Socrates. Additionally, the room is also composed of bronze statues around the room that complement the overall interior design of the room. The bright floors in the room are made of bright marble floors with colour pigments that are also known as ‘scagliola’. The most attractive feature in the room is the classical Roman Statues that are incorporated to create a beautiful design. The Roman statues enhance the overall interior design. The design is enhanced by the clever utilization of the Ionic columns that give an illusion that the room is squared.

The two interiors differed significantly based on the function that they served and what it meant. In this case, the Glass House main purpose was to create an innovative home that brought the outdoors and the indoors a result, architectural design of the house enabled the surrounding landscape of the house to serve as a wallpaper. On the other hand, the main purpose for the design of the Great Hall space was to act as a commemoration hall for the Duke of Northumberland. Additionally, the interiors also differ based on the designer’s influences. In this case, the Glass House was influenced by modernism while the Great Hall was influenced by Greek and Roman architectural styles.

However, the interiors also have various similarities through the utilization various aspects that influence the overall interior design. For instance, both interiors emphasize on the use of space as a means of enhancing the interior. Additionally, both interiors utilize the concept of lighting to influence the interior design by ensuring that the essential features implemented are highlighted.

The interiors were innovative during their own time through their technology, spatial layouts, materials and decorations. Glass House utilized an electric lighting technology and various applications into the modern domestic interior. The space is composed of an escalating technological control that enabled the house to reflect on a modern domestic interior. Evidently, the interior is also composed of a unique spatial layout that utilizes space effectively. In this case, the house is well designed to fit all the facilities in the rectangular structure while at the same time utilizing space effectively. The unique material that was used in the house is glass. Glass plays an essential role in the house by enabling Johnson to achieve in the creation of a modern domestic interior. The utilization of technology in the architectural design plays an essential role in influencing the interiors. Technology influences the structure by emphasizing on the interior designs that are applied in the house.

The interior of the Great Hall incorporated a unique spatial layout and used materials and decorations that influenced the overall interior design of the room. In this case, the room is comprised of bright marble floors that complement the colour of the walls and ceiling of the roof. Adam’s utilizes creative interior design that ensures that the building serves its purpose. The room is well arranged and allows all the unique features that are implemented to be easily depicted. In this case, Adam places the column strategically in the room to create an illusion that is it’s squared. Additionally, he places statues in strategic positions that create a cool ambience in the interior. The choice of color plays a major role in influencing the lighting in the room. Evidently, the room is decorated in a way that enables it to serve its purpose. However, it is evident that the interior is different from the Glass House through the difference in the decorations, use of materials and application of technology. In this case, the Great Hall does not utilize any form of technology in its interior design. On the other hand, he utilizes Greek and Roman architectural styles that create a classical feeling.

Some of the theoretical underpinnings that affected the Glass House space include the materials and construction used. In this case, the utilization of glass in the structure played an essential role in influencing the space. Glass played a major role in bringing the exterior and interior together to create a modern and domestic interior that changed the overall definition of habitation. On the other hand, the theoretical underpinnings that played an essential role in influencing the Great Hall space. In this case, it is evident that the choice of materials used in the design influence the depiction of Greek and Roman architectural styles. The Great Hall space utilizes white marble floors that complement the overall interior design. Additionally, the space is also influenced through the utilization of columns that enable it to reflect on the influences of Greek and Roman architecture influences.

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