I am a computer science student in my second quarter at the CCC. Currently, am undertaking majors in CSS. For the past seven years, I have been working and studying at the same time. Therefore, I never had the free time to travel to other countries for educational and experience purposes. Throughout my life, I have always liked to do new things and that is the main reason why I got promotion at work. In order to discover new things and ways of performing numerous tasks, I find travelling a very good avenue.

Therefore, am interested in this opportunity because, I have seen how travel programs help many students who have not travelled out of their native country. Therefore, am kindly requesting to be considered in the program since I have also never travelled out of my native country. Furthermore, a trip to Netherlands is important to my study course and it is also scheduled at a perfect time during the spring break. The two weeks during the spring break will ensure that I do not miss school and work.

In terms of academics, this trip will provide me with an ample opportunity to gain abundant skills and knowledge on how computer science is applied in other countries such as Netherlands. This is very vital because computer science is a very dynamic course and it requires diverse skills in order to be competitive in the labor market. Therefore, this trip will not only enable me gain abundant skills and knowledge, but it will also give me a competitive edge in the job market.

In addition, this trip will be important since it will enable me explore the culture of the people in Netherlands and gain new experiences for my career.This program will be appropriate for me since it is not offered in CSS majors or even a related kind of program. Moreover, I have between three to eight electives hence making me eligible for the travel program.

In conclusion, I would like to thank CCC for providing such kind of a program to the students to enable them integrate travels to their studies. This is initiative is imperative in ensuring that the school provide high quality graduates who are competitive in the job market.

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