The Great Gatsby Book Report

 The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American author. 1925, was the first publication of the book and then republished in 1945 and later in 1953. The book is set in the year 1922, and it has two setting one on Long Island’s north shore and the other in New York City. The book is set after the First World War when America has recovered from the economic draw backs. America was enjoying the prosperity after the war, and the contest of the novel is based on this time. The book today has founds his readership and became a preferred novel in America. It is widely read by many people across the world.

 The book is more about love affairs and unfaithful relationships. The author tries to elaborate the aspect of unfaithfulness and conflict. The characters in the novel have nothing to do rather than to spend what they have invested in parties and in love affairs. The novel has a lot of conflict between the parties. Tom has an affair and on the other hand Gatsby wants to take Toms wife Daisy claiming that she was his girlfriend before he was sent away by the army. When going to the party Tom, Jordan and Nick passed by garage to fuel the car and they found Wilson being ill claiming that his wife had an affair. Wilson did not know that Tom had an affair with his wife. Wilson told them that his wife had an affair with someone unknown to him, but Tom pretended to have known nothing about Wilson’s arguments. The book has an aspect of secret since those with affairs do not disclose to their families. Another aspect of secret is when Gatsby admired Daisy while in college but said nothing about it, but he remained a secret admirer.

 The book has an aspect of jealous and defense. The novel starts after Nick comes from First World War battle and need to start new life. He was out to defend the country. After the party when Gatsby notices that Daisy is getting much with her husband he decides to speak out the truth about his feeling. Tom is annoyed about the issue and they goes back. Gatsby drives with Daisy and out of temper Daisy runs over Myrtle who is Tom’s secret lover. The book has the aspect of protection, reconciliation, conflict and love. The main theme in the novel is love, because what is happening between the characters happens because of love.

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