Staying Alive or Burying Oneself by Destructing the Nature

Humans live on the planet that is the only one to have an environment, where water and air are two basic elements, which sustain life. Despite this fact, human behavior and actions destruct the atmosphere and surrounding environment. Climate change is one of the most urgent issues that the world faces at the present time. The problem affects both the economic condition of countries and everyday living conditions of people, as well as is the leading cause of the climate change. The issue is subject of numerous debates and studies, including PBC documentary South Central Farm: Oasis in a Concrete Desert, Cowspirasy, articles published in New York Times and Los Angeles Times. The analysis of the study shows that the air pollution, animal agriculture, and the destruction of farms contribute to the occurrence of a climate crisis, which annually leads to the death of many individuals. As a result, people should take actions aimed at protecting the environment and saving the planet from climate change.

Air pollution as one of the primary causes of the climate crisis takes human lives. According to Wong’s article entitled “Coal Burning Causes the Most Air Pollution Deaths in China, Study Finds,” the air pollution led to over 366 000 premature deaths of the Chinese population in 2013. The primary cause of the pollution in China is coal burning, which accounts for approximately 40% of the deadly fine particulate matter called PM 2.5 in the atmosphere of the country. Wong argues that the level of annual consumption of coal in China is equal to the level of other nations combined. Coal burning is the leading cause of climate change, as it is the source of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. However, the situation is an urgent one not only in Chine but also in the United States, where a high rate of air pollution has contributed to the occurrence of smog in Southern California this year. Barboza, a reporter of Los Angeles Times, states that Southern California has experienced the “worst smog in years this summer”. As the region fixed its highest ozone reading since 2009, asthma clinics and health care institutions reported substantial increases in patients suffering from respiratory illnesses, whose breathing difficulties worsened because of pollution and heat. The articles show that stricter air pollution limits might save the environment and the lives of thousand individuals.


The decisions made by the government may not only give people jobs but also save the environment from the global disaster. The issue is the subject of a PBS documentary entitled South Central Farm that describes the controversy over South Central Farm in Los Angeles, which functioned from 1994 to 2006. However, in 2006, the government decided to demolish the garden that provided organic food not only to the local communities but the whole region. The action evoked protests and civil disobedience of the farm workers. However, the farm not only fed families and produced organic food but also served as a source of clean air. Families working at the farm grew from nearly 100 to 150 species of plants, including avocado, banana, bean, butterfly plant, coconuts, calabash, pennyroyal, pipicha, as well as a variety of medical herbs. According to the findings of SMC Natural History Club, coconut oil has an endless number of health benefits as its fat is healthy, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. As a result, the actions of urban communities trying to feed themselves in sustainable ways do not harm the environment. Instead of polluting the air, the plant trees that clean it. The evidence proves that people destruct the sources of clean air rather than take actions to build new ones.

Deforestation and hazardous gaseous emissions, which result from human actions, also lead to environmental pollution. In a documentary entitled Cowspiracy, Kip Andersen shows that animal agricultural has a devastating impact on the environment. The author states that raising cattle for food uses about 45% of the world’s land and over 33% of all water. Additionally, animal agriculture is responsible for approximately 91% of Amazon destruction. Walker claims that humans use animals for own benefits and treat them in a way that causes climate change. Instead of “eating misery,” Walker states that people should unite and follow actions aimed at gaining “freedom and justice one day for all”. As a result, individuals should create programs that might help to prevent the climate disaster and preserve nature rather than use raise animals for own consumption needs.

People can learn from others already taking action and come together for a united purpose of saving the environment. South Central Farm teaches the audience that people should be self-sufficient because democracy allows questioning laws and court decisions. The employees of the farm encourage individuals to grow trees, value them and teach the next generation that human can grow own food and eat organic meals. The movie emphasizes the importance of unity. The local working-class families, musicians, as well as civic leaders came to support the workers of the farm. In such a way, people can unite with the aim of reducing the level of pollution and increasing the awareness of the public about the devastating impact of human actions on the condition of the environment. The example of such a unity is Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit organization the aim of which is to make the coastal waters be clean, safe, and healthy. The organization offers several pieces of advice that might help to decrease the level of water pollution. First, it is recommended to keep animal droppings, trash, and yard trimmings off the street. The second action is to avoid overwatering, which not only reduces the level of wastes resources but also washes toxins and trash out to the ocean. The third piece of advice is to avoid buying loop products including liquid drain openers and using pesticides for land. Heal the Bay also states that people should clean after own cat, dog, or horse; recycle used motor oil at gas or car stations, avoid buying six-pack rings, as well as use car washes that recycle the water. These actions might help to reduce the level of water pollution in the United States.

Taking into consideration the findings of the study, one may conclude that the air pollution caused by coal burning and industrialism, animal agriculture, and the destruction of farms lead to climate change, which eventually leads to the death of many people. Thus, people around the globe should take actions aimed at protecting the environment and saving the earth from the climate crisis. The issue of environmental pollution becomes an urgent problem, which requires the implementation of effective programs as soon as possible. Personally, I think that from reading this paper, readers will take home the information about the destructive influence of air pollution on the environment. I hope that they would share the knowledge with other individuals and advise them to choose leading an environmentally-friendly life. The pieces of evidence offered by Heal the Bay clearly demonstrates this point to the readers. So, why people ignore the situation? Does it mean that they do not care or are afraid to face the problem? What future waits for them? I believe that the findings of the study might help people rethink their attitude towards nature and prevent the climate disaster. If people from all over the world addressed the issue, it would definitely help both the environment and its residents.

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