Personal Code of Ethics Examples

Personal Code of Ethics

Exercising a personal code of ethics is very useful when making a decision, whether that decision is about individual or corporate affairs. In making an ethical decision, I believe that personal values should override external influences or circumstances because the decision eventually affects me.

Values to Rely on When Making an Ethical Decision

Before attempting to make an ethical decision, I have to rely on particular individual values that define who I am. For instance, I have to remain honest during the entire process of decision making so that the decision I make reflects the truth. In this regard, I have to be sincere, frank, truthful and straightforward in my thinking and subsequent actions. The other value that I must uphold is integrity. When making an ethical decision, I must be courageous and principled so that I do not succumb to undue influence from external sources. By remaining principled, I will be able to avoid people who might try to influence me for their own benefits.

The other important personal value that I must maintain is fidelity. In this regard, I must be loyal and faithful to friends, family members, employers and my country at large. However, my fidelity must be limited to the principle of integrity so that the above categories of people do not have undue influence on my decision. When making a decision, I have to exercise fairness and approach an issue with an open mind. Since a human is prone to making mistakes, I must be able to identify and accept errors where applicable, and correct them before or after making the decision. This is important because it will increase my tolerance to diversity and ensure that I make only reliable and justifiable decisions.

The other personal value that will help me make ethical decisions is accountability. In this case, since I make the decision, I must be prepared to take responsibility for anticipated and unprecedented consequences of my decision. This is important because by accepting responsibility, I will avoid blaming others for unduly influencing me to make a wrong decision.

The Process of Implementing My Code

Knowing that making a decision is a process that is not instantaneous, there are actions that I will undertake prior to decision-making. In order to get moral answers to different situations that I face, I must feel the issue, ask about it and think of expected and unexpected consequences. Finally, I act by making the decision and being ready to take responsibility for the outcome. Once I feel that I have made a moral decision, I must remain confident that it is the right thing to do. This process is important because it entails moral awareness of the situation, moral judgment with an intention and courage of making an ethical decision.

Application of My Code

I believe that my code works successfully in real-life situations. For instance, I made a moral decision to pursue Management Information Systems by relying on personal values, such as honesty, integrity, fidelity, fairness, and accountability. I knew that there were challenges in this field, but expected the best at the end of my education. This means that I am ready to take responsibility for choosing Management Information Systems as my preferred course, despite a wide range of courses to choose from.

Evaluating Own Performance

In order to evaluate my own performance in adherence to my code, I will examine my courage and determination in facing the challenges that I go through during the pursuit of my preferred career. My performance on coursework and other practical works related to my career will determine whether I adhere to my codes, including honesty, integrity, fidelity, fairness, and accountability.


In holding myself accountable, I will take responsibility for achieving or not achieving my academic goals because I believed this was a moral decision. I will also accept challenges that come with my decision.

Continuous Improvement

I intend to improve continuously by identifying and correcting the challenges that I face during the implementation of my decision. Furthermore, I will not bow to undue pressure from friends and family members when implementing my decision, especially when I am deeply convinced that I am on the right track.

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