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Informative Speech: About Background Checks


Do we really know the people who are our neighbors, the people we are working with, or even the people who are responsible for taking care of our kids and our old folks back at home? I have been concerned that many people misrepresent and lie about their backgrounds and their credentials. This is an informative speech about background checks and why they are important.

Background Checks

Companies or employers that do not do background checks before hiring new recruits may eventually regret their decisions because such decisions may end up with law suits for damages or as an assault by their employees. It is important to consider skills, qualifications and scores when hiring new people but employers should be aware of deceitful job applicants. For the employers own peace, a background check is necessary (Squidoo).

Today I’d like to shed more light about background checks and why it is important to perform them before seriously considering a new applicant for any type of job. To begin with, I will start with defining what is a background check. A background check is defined as the process of searching and gathering a person’s history through his past documentations. The records may be from schools, banks, government agencies, and any other institutions the person may have been affiliated with. Results of a background check include criminal history of the person in question, his/her credit score, and past employment confirmations (Knol). The background checks are then used by employers to evaluate an applicant’s qualifications, his/her fitness, charter, and help spot potential hiring risks associated with hiring the applicant for security and safety reasons. Background checks can be done on neighbor, roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends, relatives, maiden names, business associates, marriage partners and the report can include addresses, birth dates, relatives, criminal records, personal assets, personal friends and associates, properties owned and other vital information (Charlie).

Importance of Background Checks

It won’t hurt if we did a bit of personal checks and the same applies when we are in the verge of admitting new employers. We all are aware that information is power and the importance of knowing someone can be a lifesaver. When we know the background of someone, we are in many ways empowered with the knowledge to assist us make informed decisions especially for our own safety. Whether it is a new person we are hiring, a nanny to take care of our kids, a business partner, or a new friend in our lives, we need to do a background check on them to be sure whom we are dealing with. Background checks are vital for those people who are concerned with their safety and that of the people whom they are with (Charlie).

It is vital to be aware that crime rates are constantly increasing; statistics indicate that rape, violence and other forms of evils are on the rise. And with the popularity of online transactions; social networking, job sites, online dating, and other online transactions, it will be very easy for people to falsify their background information while concealing their true intentions. But on the positive side as far as technology is concerned, it has made background checks not only easy but also fast and from the comfort of wherever we are as long as we can access the internet. It is good to know that nowadays government databases have been made public for people to scrutinize any important information they need from the people they want to engage with. For example, before an employer engages a new recruit, it is vital that the employer accesses credit report, criminal record, information about previous employment, education, social security number, driving record and the recruit’s professional references (Brocaglia).

There are various types of background checks: some involve very little investigations while others require a lot of investigations. An example is doing a background check that will pull all public records and background checks that with records that are admissible by the courts usually certified by public investigators (PI). This is because PIs have access to some database systems that are not public and this means that the PIs records will be more accurate especially as far as names, social security numbers, and addresses are concerned. This information here means that PIs ask a certain fee for their investigations and that there are no standard costs.

More detailed records will of course attract more fees than just standard records. It is vital that we are aware of pre-employment backgrounds checks follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in order to perform legitimate background checks (Allen, 2011).

I have realized that some people fail background checks for various reasons. Others fail for errors of omission, legal reasons, financial or by misstating of facts. It is however essential to understand that an employment application form is a legal document and once it is filled, most companies will want to verify any information thereof. For this ‘simple’ reason it is essential that any information filled is factually correct, accurate and complete. The information filled should also reflect the information on the curriculum vitae as well as what one described during the interview (Brocaglia).


When it comes to employment issues, background checks are very important in obtaining vital information from the prospect recruit. Background checks are also important when one wants to engage services of a nanny, wanting to know more about a business partner, or a new friend, or a marriage partner in obtaining the person’s address, phone number, past criminal records, social security number, education, or past employment records. I hope that we have realized that background checking is an important safety precaution not just for employers but for any person who wants to ensure that he/she is safe with the people they are working with.

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