High School Goals

My Personal Goals for Graduate School


Graduate school is a centre for higher learning. They are schools that grants advanced academic degrees with a previous undergraduate degree as the prerequisite. Graduate schools differ from undergraduate in that student are not allowed to take courses which are not in line with their course work. Joining graduate school is a dream for many since this is where you make your career decision and fulfill it. It requires an individual to analyze their goals for joining the institutions. Failure of making a clear purpose for joining these institutions, failure of dreams, or thwarted expectations could be a result.
My goals for graduate school

I know graduate school can be both satisfying and challenging. That is why clear goals will help me to get satisfaction and to face challenges. The first goal is to acknowledge the reasons for joining graduate school. It is to achieve my career dreams and be absorbed into the aggressive job market. Achieving the dream simply mean passing the exams well. To achieve the goals, I need to understand the essence of time management, balance private time with study time, and have good interpersonal skills to relate with others. The coursework entails extensive reading and writing, and often requires presentation.

Time management is one of the essential requirements for success in whatever we do. All of us have 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week; time management is the reason some are wealthy and others are poor. For me to excel in graduate studies, I have to balance time. Too much studies without refreshment is not healthy, so I have to utilize my disposal hours constructively.

Graduate school gives me an opportunity to study in depth my area of interest and failure is not an option. Time consciousness is a clear indication of being goal oriented. To achieve my goal in school and be fit for the job market, I need to develop in all perspective. The school gives me a chance to intermingle with other professionals.

Managing scarce finances during the study period is another vital goal of mine. Poor resource management can leave one very desperate and a stressed up student cannot yield much in school. Source of fund to sustain one during studies is also a key area to consider. Requirement for studies are expensive and need a good plan to enable one balance them well.

Choice of friends, the friend we keep can easily destroy us or build us. My friends will be students whom we have same motives and objectives. Such friends will help me achieve my dreams and make life in school more interesting. My lecturers will be my friend so that I can use them well in order to achieve my desire not only in college but also in life after completion of studies.

Explore graduate program opportunities and various degree offerings to establish whether particular graduate training can offer me a stronger career opportunity. This can help in ensuring that I get the best career path for my future. During studies, I should ensure to get real world experience, practicum, or internship to benefit from hand on knowledge in my field.


Study is a period then you proceed to the next level, one should give it all attentions so that the next level can be enjoyable. The decisions we make can build or destroy, so think very hard before making one. My goals for Graduate school are my guideline for a better stay in the institution and for a better tomorrow. Proper management of the time and resources we have is fundamental for success; poor management is a recipe for failure.

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