Essay on Mars

Mars Orbit


The major objective of this essay is to closely relate the orbits of Mars to that of the Earth. The Mars orbit has an axial tilt approximated to twenty five and nineteen degrees. The scientists say that it is quite similar to the earth’s tilt. The paper also seeks to explore the seasons experienced in Mars in comparison to the Earths’. Moreover, Mars has times of the year referred to as Martian seasons. However, the Martian seasons take a longer time than the Earthly seasons. This is because the year count on Mars is approximately twice as that of the year on Earth. Furthermore, the paper shall explore the unequal and constantly changing distances between the poles on Mars and the sun and its effects in causing the unstable occurrence of seasons like here on Earth.


The planet Mars is known to posses the second ranked unconventional orbit among all the planets. It is ranked second while that of mercury as the first. The distance at perihelion on Mars is recorded to be two hundred and ten million kilometers from the sun. On the contrary, at aphelion on mars is estimated to be at least two hundred and fifty kilometers far away from the sun. The shortest average distance between Mars and the Sun is at least two hundred and twenty eight million kilometers. This distance is referred to as the semi major axis. Therefore the period of time taken by mars to orbit the Sun is at least six hundred and eighty seven days on Earth. Due to its unconventional orbit, Mars is able to move toward the earth at varying distances. During its most proximate distance many people are able to physically see it. Moreover, oppositions take place when the geocentric Mars’ longitude is one hundred and eighty degrees unlike the Sun’s.

The Mars orbiting opposition can be seen at least nine days before or after the most proximate distance from the Earth. Mars has the second most unconventional orbit. Thus the standard period between consecutive oppositions is 780 days.

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