Community Service

Community Service

Each of us makes commitments when we are eventually ready to dedicate ourselves to do the best things for the society. A desire to serve the community is a part of me. I cannot tell when exactly it has appeared, but I know for sure that it is the driving force for achievements. On one hand, the community service is the opportunity for me to develop ideas for society’s improvement. On the other hand, it is a challenging job, which helps broaden the horizon, face your own limits, and overcome obstacles.

For me everything started in June 2009 when I was volunteering as Legal Assistant Receptionist at Bedford Stuyvesant Legal Services. During that summer, I learned how to interact with clients, which helped me to improve my communication skills. I was investigating particular case facts. The next step I have made on the way to become a lawyer was the participation in the New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Campaign in 2009.

My position during the Bloomberg Campaign was a Political Canvasser. I canvassed door-to-door promoting mayoral elections as it was a part of my duties. The previous experience I gained at Bedford Stuyvesant Legal Services and acquired communication skills helped speak with people and solicit their votes. Moreover, this position let me improve my written communication skills. I was often working with information and was relaying information campaign to potential voters. With time, my actions became precise and accurate.

This experience helped me make a final decision to community service. I have gained a lot from communication with residents of Brooklyn. I have learned to listen and be attentive to details as they play an essential role in the end. There were critical situations, which I managed to overcome and understood that I am responsible for the way people feel around me. Enthusiastic attitude and determination helped me go through rejections and denials. These factors also helped succeed in phone calls. Limited time and the pressure of responsibility helped me develop skills of persuasion. Experience in written communication helped me cope with numerous surveys.

Nevertheless, the best part of the experience I have gained is teamwork. As a part of the structure, I was responsible for the job in which self-direction helped me organize my time according to the goals we had to achieve. The feeling of synergy motivated me a lot. Understanding that I am a part of something big was astonishing and it was giving me power to move on and achieve more. As a part of the Bloomberg Campaign, I understood that I am a strong team member and result-aimed individual.

Everything I saw during the Bloomberg Campaign in Brooklyn broadened my perspective of the shocking reality. I assumed that it is better to teach people fishing instead of giving them a caught fish. People cannot accept the fact that they can influence the results of elections. Despite the fact that everyone says that he is proud to be American, the hardest thing during the Bloomberg Campaign was to overcome the wall of rejection and despair. I know it is possible to awake people and build our country together as one unit.

Currently I am junior at Lincoln University. I am majoring in Political Science with the minor in International Relations and Pre-Law. Once I have done this choice, I will do everything to find my limits. I believe that White House Internship will be the next step on the way to my goal of becoming a lawyer and accomplishing my desire to serve the community. With the gratitude, I will spend my time absorbing experience and do my best in serving the community and the United States.

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