Youth camping


Sending children to camps allow them to grow and master good citizenship skills and , social integration, personal growth and social development pillars. This allows them to explore their capabilities in a harmless environment where they can earn personal independence and learn to take risks (Glover, 2010.). Camping is therefore an important activity in the overall development of the kid. Below is a program development model for establishing a youth camp in the high hills of Texas County for young adults and kids.

Program model

The program will be titled Texas horse Camp, to signify the age old of horsing racing in Texas a state that is popular with country music artists.

Activities and target Audience

Texas Horse Camp aims at blending the educational experience that kids gain from school with the social knowledge that is supposed to be the backbone of there social life. Under the guidance of Texas horse camp Staff and volunteers, the kids, teens, young adults will engage in various activities that will enhance their social soundness. These activities include horse racing, social games, Swimming (camping to be done during summer), skating, and mount climbing among other activities. In conducting the activities, the campers will have an opportunity to interact with other children, make their own decisions (but within set guidelines), thus learn to be responsible, while also knowing their rights.

Expected Outcomes

The following outcomes will be expected: - Demonstrate behavior modeled within that is modeled within that of their counselors in camp, grow self-expression skills, improve physical cognitive agilities, make new friends. This will be short term goals.
The long-term outcomes will entail, to gain skills on building and cultivating healthy long-term relationship, to have confidence, know they’re responsibility and growth in self-esteem.


There will also be evaluation sessions for gauging with the participants have mastered the necessary skills and if they have how well.

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