Essay Structure Comparative

How a comparative essay should be structured

The process of writing an essay of the comparative variety involves putting two or more items of comparable value on a weighing scales and drawing conclusions about them. Any comparisons you make should be founded on reasonable assumptions while the writer’s viewpoint should be coherent and unbiased. If you approach an online writing service for help, you may learn a great deal about the structure and general style that pertains to a comparative contrast essay.       

As you will see from any good comparative essay example, this type of writing is quite ordinary and has a similar structure to other essay types. It is the plot that differentiates it. Here we provide step-by-step guidelines to demonstrate the how’s, why’s, what’s and wherefore’s of an effective custom essay.


The structure you should generally apply when writing a comparative essay        

  • Create an introductory paragraph;
  • Write the body paragraphs
  • Craft an effective conclusion paragraph.

Creating an introductory paragraph when writing a comparative essay

The primary reason for creating a good introductory paragraph is to grab your reader’s attention at the outset. So, you need to describe what your essay is going to reveal. Essentially, an introduction can be likened to a brief description of the entire paper. You need to cover:      

  • Your reasons for choosing this topic more than others and describe the items under comparison;
  • Why is the subject matter important?
  • What items are you comparing?
  • For what purpose are you comparing them?
  • What methods will you use to compare them?
  • What results are you hoping to produce?

In essence, you want to acquaint your readers with your essay’s content through the introductory paragraph.  

Creating the body paragraphs when writing a comparative essay

For any essay writer, the body paragraphs are the next stage of the writing process and the primary element of the paper. It is here you should present all the data you have accumulated. In broad terms, the body can be separated into three sections. The best method is to allocate a section to each of the items you are comparing.  Inform the reader about each one to start with.  Provide a description first and leave the comparison until later.   

  • Offer some wide-ranging information about the items;
  • Demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each item;
  • What are their features and how are they used?

It is in the third stage of the body, you should compare the items. Remember that you need to choose some criteria by which you are going to compare the objects of your essay.   

Writing the conclusion

Summarize your work. Complete the comparison element and present the results. Demonstrate to the reader how the first item is more superior to the other(s), if you are comparing more than two items. 

Describe whether you are satisfied with the results in the conclusion.

And that is as much as can be said about a comparative essay. You will find more information and essay help online, and the price should be reasonably cheap.   

If you still have doubts about your ability to write a comparative essay, you can always buy the papers you need. This should save you time, stress and cash in the long run.