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A doctoral dissertation is, for most, the final major piece of writing that they will produce in their academic careers. Those who go on to research positions, of course, may produce many more highly significant pieces of writing, and many others will publish articles and books all of their lives. The dissertation, however, is that project that earns the degree, and it must be perfect, in order to earn the approval of the committee.

Writing research papers throughout their undergraduate and graduate programs has prepared students for at least the literature review chapter of the dissertation. And, if a student has come this far in his/her program, it is likely that s/he has skills in analyzing information and data, and designing research projects. The dissertation, however, is like no other research project, for it is going to contribute something new to the field of knowledge through original research and/or experimentation. 


It is not uncommon for dissertation students to seek assistance from more than his/her advisor. When one considers that students work on dissertations for at least a year, along with other coursework, teaching assistant or other jobs, and perhaps a family, it is easy to fall behind the timeline that has been established. And the advisor cannot provide actual help with the work., the most respected writing service on the web, however, can.

Students from high school forward have used to order paper and other academic writing, personally prepared for them by individually assigned writers. They look to for superb custom writing of all kinds and are never disappointed. Using an online custom essay and paper service, however, may not have occurred to a doctoral student unless s/he has used one in the past. Even then, the writing service used may have been a disappointment, for there are certainly numbers of them from which students can buy cheap writing at a low price, getting unusable material. But, can truly help!

We have a team of Ph.D. academics, who work solely to assist with dissertations, along with statisticians to analyze and report findings.

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Your Options for Help

You may order as little or as much help as you wish. In each case, you will get the perfect PH.D expert with whom to collaborate.

  1.  You may order essay writing for your introduction, a critical piece that “sets the stage.”
  2. You may order a review of literature chapter;
  3. You may order a research design, research documents, analysis of your results;
  4. You may order a review of any or all chapters for editing and proofreading purposes;

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