Composing a 5-Page Essay: Expert Hints to Guide You in the World of Academic Writing

Your class is tomorrow and you have completely forgotten that you have to write a 5-page essay. Any delays will imply losses in points and scores, so you have to be quick. This challenge seems to be funny at the first sight, but in a few hours of attempts, you are not so light-hearted. You have already tried yourself in writing different kinds of papers, including essays and research papers. However, you have never tried working on five pages, and you are really pressed for time. Can you estimate how long it will take you? Can it be an hour or so? Do not be so confident that your paper will be very easy for you to handle quickly if you lack experience in this type of assignments. Take into consideration several factors, while working on the paper. Account for the research complexity and depth, the scope of reading materials, level of writing required, and then evaluate whether your efforts will be sufficient for working on this task so that your professor could cite your paper as the best one among many others submitted.


Do Writers Have a Formula for Success?

Having written a 5-page essay outline, the students frequently ask a question about the time needed for research and actual writing of five pages with double spacing. Having made several attempts to be effective and quick, they are looking for an easy formula that will facilitate and quickening of the writing process. Does it exist? It is actually a combination of your knowledge, diligence, and favorable factors in the form of an interesting subject, available sources, and adequate complexity of the topic. Our effective list of hints will be your valuable asset in the process of academic writing. Still, we cannot guarantee that you will finalize your writing in an hour, two hours, or ten hours. Writing is a subjective process that cannot be predicted.

5-Page Essay Writing: The Greatest Challenges

Different requirements. The scope of research and the ease of the topic determine the complexity of research and the number of articles and books to study. A huge diversity in time needed for completion of a 5-page essay or any other paper can be explained with the range of requirements set to different tasks. It is complicated to predict whether you will spend an hour or the whole day on your work, but you can analyze the following factors to get at least some idea of the topic complexity.

  • Availability of resources

Searching for the materials needed for your research may be challenging, and in some cases, you will ever find it impossible without access to special online libraries. It happens that lack of sources makes it impossible to submit the paper on time as the research cannot be based on any valid evidence.

  • Complexity of topic

Successful writing and time needed for it depends on how complicated your topic is. Extensive research is more time-consuming.

  • Student’s skills and writing experience

An expert is well aware of all the format standards and credibility of all the sources. Moreover, it is easier for him or her to gain access to the required sources. Thus, an inexperienced student may spend twice as much time as an expert on the paper of the same topic.

Successful Writing: Is It Difficult?

So, we have discussed the question: How long does it take to write a 5-page essay? You have realized that your expertise, skills, practical experience, and knowledge will determine whether your writing will be quick and efficient. It is easy and fast for a person who has already written dozens or hundreds of papers; however, you may lack this experience and it will take you much longer.

Study all the criteria and write a top quality paper following all the requirements. Organize the ideas and conduct the required investigations, as they will lead you to success.

Narrow Your Topic

You will spend less time on your 5-page essay of it has a narrow scope. An exciting subject will generate high level of readers’ interest and your perspective on the aspects raised will be interesting for them. Do effective brainstorming and produce the original ideas that will amaze.

Sear for Credible and Reliable Sources

Having prepared a 5-page essay example, make your theme interesting and well-grounded by using only valid sources of information. Choose the strong evidence and make the flow of ideas logical and consistent.

A Great Variety of Essay Topics

There is a certain limitation in the number of words to be used, but you have to make sure that all the included ideas match the chosen topic and are organized properly. Your outline will serve you right in structuring the ideas and fast writing.

Present you main argument in the essay body, which will be the biggest part of your text. Follow your developed plan and address all the planned aspects one by one. Include the introductory part, body paragraphs, and conclusion to make sure the essay is well-structured.


Asking us how to write a 5-page essay, you should understand that having your text composed is not the final stage of the writing process. After that, we strongly recommend you to take a few-hour break and then read through the draft several times to ensure that it is perfect. Rereading it, you will identify the omissions, mistakes, slips, and typos, which could spoil the impression to be produced on the professors. If there are some volunteers who can help you with that, you should not refuse from their assistance.

Final Stage

We cannot promise you that you will finalize your essay in an hour, but the time you will have to spend on your paper will depend not only on you but also on a number of factors. Having more writing experience, you will be able to estimate approximate time needed for a particular essay; however, for now, just make sure you do not postpone your writing tasks.

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