Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

When you are preparing to start work on an essay assignment, the first difficult task is choosing a topic, and there are many topics for compare and contrast essays to choose from. If you are a new student, you may be just learning how to write an essay of this type. Organization is important because you need to know how to structure your paper and what you are going to put in it.    

With a compare and contrast essay, the aim is to take two objects and describe their similarities and/or differences. If you look at any sample essays of this type, you may notice that it is quite common to explain why the chosen items are alike or different. Later in this article, you will find a comprehensive list of some great compare contrast essay topics, which you are welcome to use if you are short of ideas. Indeed, some of these suggestions should provide the basis for an excellent essay. Once you have defined the similarities and differences in the selected objects, you are ready to start composing your essay. Do not forget, however, to create a thesis statement as the core your work. If, for instance, you choose two household items to compare and contrast, you could list the different functions of each item. 

While you are comparing the two items, each point will form a small component of the overall topic. Each of these points will guide you through the entire process. You can simply use every point as a topic sentence for individual paragraphs, and this structure should go on to win you a great grade. If any doubts still exist in your mind, feel free to look at an example essay for more pointers. You should also find that a compare and contrast essay provides plenty scope for you to be creative. Choose any one of the good compare and contrast essay topics listed below or use one of your own ideas.

Some Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • Trees and shrubs
  • Wealth to poverty
  • Teachers and government authorities
  • Television shows and political orations
  • The company of your friends versus the company of your parents
  • Thanksgiving vs Halloween (this is a good option for anyone looking for easy compare and contrast essay topics!)
  • The role that parents play in raising children vs the role of teachers
  • Colonial America and America as it is today
  • A friend and someone you do not like
  • Male company to female company
  • Intelligence vs dullness
  • Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Edison
  • The best and worst gifts you have ever received
  • Making a meat pie to making an apple pie
  • Wealth vs fame
  • The 19th century to the 20th century
  • Light and darkness (another good option if you are looking for topics to compare and contrast!)
  • Extreme poverty vs homelessness
  • Loneliness and boredom
  • Being in love to being alone
  • Travelling on land to sailing
  • Childhood and adulthood
  • Telling a lie to being truthful
  • Washing dishes to washing windows
  • Decisions by plain courts vs rulings by the Supreme Court
  • A career in the military and working as a security guard
  • The best and worst days in your life
  • Writing an essay to medieval torture
  • Watching television to visiting the theatre (why not try this one if you are looking for good compare contrast essay topics!)
  • Titanic and The Avatar

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  • Titanic to any movie of your choosing
  • Last century movies to 21st century movies
  • Rihanna vs Madonna
  • Playing outdoor sports to participating in online games
  • Gone with the Wind to the Sound of Music
  • Rain vs wind
  • Swimming vs cycling
  • The Sound of Music to the Wizard of Oz
  • Reality TV to period drama TV show
  • Classical music vs modern music
  • Rural life to city life (another great option for anyone looking for easy compare and contrast essay topics!)
  • Cinderella to Little Red Riding Hood
  • Being caught in a hurricane to watching one
  • Life at a university campus vs life at a college campus
  • Imprisonment to being arrested
  • Life as a human to life as a dog
  • Driving to walking
  • Physical attachment to emotional attachment
  • Hiking to camping