Unique College Application Essay + Topics

College application essays are probably the most important essays any student will ever write. These essays are critical because they have a direct impact on the writer’s future. An application essay’s main purpose is to reveal the real personality and uniqueness of the writer. Therefore, college application essay topics should be chosen carefully because they demonstrate how well and how logically the writer is able to structure their thoughts and how good their writing skills are.

If a college application essay is to be effective, it should be consistent. The writer should be themselves and strive to persuade the admissions committee how wonderful they are. These traits will be demonstrated in the way the information is presented. The writer’s natural talent will be apparent without them having to emphasize it. An essay of this type should be written concisely and the writer should draw on experiences from his or her own life. This practice adds a touch of realism to an essay and there is little that can convince a reader that something is true better than the actual truth.

Remember that you will be using the content of your common application essay to communicate your thoughts, feelings and interests. Look to the core of what you are writing about and write in a philosophical and thought-provoking manner. Without question, it is far more interesting to read a piece of text that comes from the heart as opposed to something that is written without much thought or meaning.


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Topics for a College Application Essay

Regardless of whether yours is a UC application essay or some other type, the topic you choose is important. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how you are different from other candidates – and better! So be careful about your choice of topic. Do not just choose any random material. Whether you are successful or not depends on your understanding of the topic and how effective you are at describing yourself accurately to those who are reading your written work.

Here we provide a list of possible topics, all of which are both popular and currently in vogue. Choose an idea that interests you, brainstorm to generate more ideas, and enhance it with your own personal thoughts/experiences. These ideas will most likely give you some fresh thoughts to apply as appropriate to your college application essays.

  • Why do you want to spend at least four and maybe up to six years of your life attending a specific university or college?
  • Were your current interests shaped by your upbringing and/or background?
  • What is the one biggest contribution you have made to any aspect of life to date?
  • Once you have received your degree, what do you plan to do with it?
  • Are you noted for having any especially strong characteristics? Do you have strong beliefs in anything or is there a certain philosophy you apply in life?
  • What aspects of the particular field of study you want to embark on do you especially like?
  • Is there any one book that has had a specific influence on you?
  • What are your career aspirations for the long-term?
  • Over the years, how have you grown and developed?
  • What event or experience have you found the most rewarding or joyous?
  • Look at yourself from an external perspective. Is there any particular words or description your friends would apply to you?
  • In your application essay, describe a specific event, interest or experience that has given special meaning to your existence.
  • Have you experienced any disasters or triumphs so far in life? How did you deal with these experiences?
  • Do you have a long-term mission or vision?
  • Going back to your childhood/youth, how did you become interested in a certain thing or things?
  • Is your life marked in any way by a particularly difficult period and, if so, how did you cope with this difficulty?
  • Are there any specific subjects you want to study and what are your hopes for your education?
  • Is there any one thing that you would like to be doing more than anything else right now? This could be a place you want to be or a person whose company you would like.
  • Reveal your true self to your readers. Tell them about the downsides to your personality as well as the good things. Are there any characteristics you want to improve or change?
  • Do you have specific characteristics, skills or qualities that distinguish you from other people? How did these skills or qualities develop?
  • Did you ever make a speech in public or has any of your written work ever been published?
  • Did you ever experience a moment of awakening or revelation you want to share with your readers?
  • Did you ever undertake any important research work or is there any research project you would like to be involved in?
  • Have you ever failed at something you really wanted to achieve? How did you handle this failure? Have you ever experienced feelings of self-disappointment or self-dissatisfaction?
  • Is there any one person who has had a significant influence on your life? When choosing college essay topics, you could describe that person and their influence.
  • Will the degree you are about to take meet your ultimate goals?
  • Describe your academic achievements.
  • Has any actor, writer, musician or other artist had a significant influence on the way you think? Who is that person and why was their influence significant. Did their influence give a new dimension to your life or to the way you view life in general?
  • What do you expect to be doing in your career ten years from now?
  • Have your experiences of life shaped your career aspirations in any way?
  • Have you achieved anything of considerable importance that you would like to tell your readers about?
  • Tell your readers about the experience that is most vividly etched in your memory.
  • Think of yourself as a performing artist and how you might feel as you prepare for the performance of your life.
  • Has a significant intellectual experience impacted you in any way?
  • What is your philosophy towards college life and learning?
  • What is your philosophy or attitude towards life in general? Tell your readers how you approach life.
  • Analyze a significant experience in your life. Have you ever been confronted by a huge dilemma or had to do something risky? How did it turn out? (This is a popular option for anyone looking for good college application essay topics)
  • Talk about a person you think is important, whether they are alive, dead, real of fictitious, and say why you would like to meet or talk to them.
  • Was there ever a time when you triumphed in the face of adversity? How did your success make you feel?

  • What are the success ingredients a student needs?
  • Do you think college education is important?
  • What is there about a particular college or university that makes you want to go there?
  • Describe how a person’s direction or plans can be changed by an unexpected event.
  • What do you hope the future holds for you? And would you change anything about the past now that you know the outcome?
  • What aspects of a particular course of study do you like?
  • What extracurricular or community events to you get involved in and what is it about these activities that you like?

So, hopefully, you will find some winning college application essay topics from this list of ideas!