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Answer the following questions:

  1. Have the topic and date been put at the top of your paper?
  2. Have you created explicit and well-designed paragraphs?
  3. Have you used enough evidence to support your claims?
  4. Have you included at least five quotations?
  5. Have you answered the main question?
  • Introduction: when working on the introduction for your literature essay, your main task is to be brief but informative. Outline the key aspects of the book you plan to analyze.
  • Paragraphs: You should have a well-developed plan with the main points you plan to cover in your essay. You must be very specific when developing your plan. You should be ready to write at least one paragraph per point.
  • Evidence: Whenever you make a claim or a point, make sure that you have enough evidence to prove it. Imagine that you are a physician, and to make a diagnosis you must gather evidence from numerous diagnostic and laboratory tests. However, in a literature essay all evidence must come from the text itself. Use examples to illustrate your points.
  • Quotes: All quotes must be properly formatted, referenced, and cited in the text.Each quote should begin with a colon. Quotation marks must also be used. All quotes must be formatted correctly. Otherwise, your literature essay will not look professional, and readers may feel confused about the main thought you plan to express in your paper.
  • Choice: The main mistake students make when writing a literature essay is by simply retelling the story. Do not do it! Buy literature essay help from experts if you do not know how to a literature essay correctly.
  • Build your literature essay around a topic or a question: do not forget or miss it as you proceed with your paper. It is so easy to lose the main point. You will find it more difficult to rewrite the paper than to follow the same pattern right from the start.
  • Conclusion: Now in the last paragraph of the literature essay bring all points together and make a compelling final claim. Provide an answer to the question and prove your point.
  • Style: You will need to use a formal tone. Do not use slang, unless you are quoting a literary text that contains these linguistic forms.
  • Creativity is above everything: You do not necessarily need to support other people’s views and beliefs about the literature source you are discussing in your paper. Be creative and use evidence from the text to support your own, unique point of view. However, do not neglect what other people have to say about the same topic. Respect other viewpoints and cite them in text. Expect opposing viewpoints and provide evidence to refute them.

How to Write a Literature Essay

Novel Essay

In this literature essay, you will need to address one or several components, including theme, setting, plot, style, and characters. You will have to design a clear question to inform the direction of your writing.

If you decide to focus on the theme, then you will have to mention it in the introduction. Then you will need to craft a few paragraphs to support your thesis. In your conclusion, you will need to evaluate critically the author’s ability to analyze the main theme.

Drama Essay

Plot, theme, characters, setting, and technique If you decide to talk about technique, then you will need to divide it into smaller parts, discussing each in one paragraph.


Technique, theme, or style. Analyze the effectiveness of poetic components, such as assonance or alliteration, in the poem. Otherwise, buy literature essays to help you earn a better grade.

All proper names and titles must be italicized and underlined. For example, you will need to say Shakespeare’s Hamlet, instead of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. You may think it does not make a difference. However, it does. The more creative you are in writing, the better your result will be. Use word processor to make the point. Emphasize the titles of the sources you are using in your literature essay. In case of any difficulties, you can always buy great literature essay assistance from the professionals who have been writing these or similar papers for years. Contact your instructor or read the requirements for your paper to make sure that you follow the formatting and citation style correctly.

Verbs and Subjects

Whenever you can, you should use strong active verbs to prove your point. Most literature essays require that active voice be used in all situations. For example, “Shakespeare wrote his Hamlet in an attempt to…” rather than “Shakespeare’s Hamlet was created in an attempt to…” Definitely, you will sound more compelling when you use active voice. Besides, it is easier for the reader to understand you when your verbs are put in active rather than passive voice. The stronger you sound the more likely the audience is to accept and recognize the importance of your viewpoint. However, it is also important to use quality evidence. Active voice alone will never make it. You need to go an extra mile to make your literature essay stand out in the crowd of others.

Do not Make a Typical Mistake – Use Your Own Critical Thinking

One of the most typical mistakes made in literature essay writing is when you take a large body of critical literature as related to your story, novel, or poem. The best thing that can happen in literature essay writing is using original critical thinking to produce a unique argument. Readers should see something new in your words. They should be given an opportunity to look at a novel or poem from a new perspective.

These are some of the most interesting topics you could use for your literature essay. You can modify them or expand on them, whatever helps you to produce a great piece of writing.

  • Hamlet and Claudius: Revenge of the Century
  • The Rules of Marriage in the 14th Century
  • Horatio and Hamlet – Two Unique Characters, Two Unique Destinies
  • Ophelia and Suicide – A Deep Relationship?
  • The Tragic Love of Romeo and Juliet
  • The Poetry that has a Special Meaning for You

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