Brilliant Expository Essay Topics

Use Your College as a Topic for Your Expository Essay

Choosing to write about the university or college, you go to can make excellent subject matter for an expository essay. Additionally, writing about your college is one of those expository essay topics with educational value – because it will help you learn about your new environment. There are several ways to collect information e.g. by chatting to fellow students and to college staff. Their knowledge of the institution and their anecdotes will provide credible support material for your project. This is what an expository essay is all about! The best essays are those that describe things vividly and provide first-hand accounts.   

You will need to do quite a bit of research. Most likely, the college has a website and there may be plaques dotted around the campus, in the library or in the information center. Make sure you understand the expository essay definition – what is required from this type of writing.


Suggested Topic

Write about the College You Go To

  1. When was your college founded and how has it changed in the intervening years?
  2. Does the college have a mascot? What is it and what is its background?
  3. What is the history of the college? Are there any notable events are juicy scandals lurking in its past?
  4. Is the campus marked by any statues or memorial plaques? Write about these markers, their history, and who they were erected in honor of.
  5. Select one building on campus you think is interesting. Tell your readers what its history is and how it derived its name.
  6. What is the process for applying for a scholarship at this college?
  7. What is required to get elected at your college? (This is a nice choice for anyone looking for college-related expository essay ideas).
  8. Is your college home to any sororities or fraternities and, if so, how does one join?
  9. Does your college specialize in any interesting or unusual major?
  10. In your opinion, how should students prepare themselves for finals?
  11. How would you recommend students deal with rush?
  12. How to survive the first months of college life?
  13. With mainly just campus food to eat, what should students do to remain in good health?
  14. What are the main causes of depression amongst new students?
  15. What can students do to successfully get through the first few weeks at college?
  16. What sports are available at your college and what preparations are required for individual games?
  17. List some of the excuses students make to put off studying?
  18. How best can a student financially support their college course without accruing huge debt?
  19. In your opinion, why should people lend their support to games that are not very well supported?
  20. What criteria should you use to decide which activities or societies to join at college?
  21. If you knew someone was feeling suicidal, what could or would you do to help?
  22. How can a student decide which college best suits their particular interests?
  23. When leaving home to go to college, what should a student take with them?
  24. What can students do to let go of their parents when they start a college career?
  25. How can a student manage to avoid getting involved with an unsuitable crowd?
  26. To be a satisfactory roommate, what qualities does one require?

Topics on Mental Health

  1. What is meant by cognitive behavioral therapy? Who benefits from such therapy?
  2. What is meant by ‘entomophobia?’
  3. What qualifications are needed to become a therapist?
  4. What role does a psychologist perform?
  5. What are psychological disorders?
  6. Does a psychiatrist differ from a psychologist and how?
  7. What is meant by the term ‘art therapy’ and what is the background to it?
  8. How would you define ‘memory?’ (Do not forget you can refer to a professionally written expository essay example for additional writing tips).
  9. What effect has acrophobia on sufferers?
  10. How does a child with special needs affect a family?
  11. What is your understanding of the term ‘bibliophobia?’
  12. What is your understanding of the term ‘xenophobia?’ Can it be treated and how?
  13. When people talk about ‘heroism,’ what do they mean?
  14. Why are the number of cases of depression growing in the United States, and what are the causes?
  15. What are the symptoms of OCD and is it treatable?
  16. What is meant by schizophrenia? What are the different types and is there a cure for the condition?
  17. What is altruism?
  18. What is your understanding of the rule known as ‘reciprocity?’
  19. List the four reasons why individuals forget.
  20. What personality developmental stages does a child undergo?
  21. When people speak of experiential learning, what do they mean?
  22. In order to understand it, how should a psychology article be read?
  23. Explain what the term ‘IQ’ means and what score does a ‘genius’ need?
  24. What is meant by the ‘bystander’ effect?
  25. Describe your understanding of left and right brain domination.

Social and Societal Issues

  1. Explain the welfare system and its background.
  2. Do you think single-parent families are impacted in such areas as education, personal hygiene and/or adequate nutrition?
  3. What is the impact on a family when one or both parents are addicted to one or more substances?
  4. What does the term ‘homelessness’ mean and how do people become homeless?
  5. What is meant by racism and/or discrimination?
  6. How does the Justice System deal with minors who break the law?
  7. Why do women remain in abusive relationships?
  8. How are rapists and people who commit domestic abuse dealt with by prosecutors?
  9. Explain the food stamp system. (This could be a suitable option for anyone just starting to learn how to write a expository essay because information on the food stamp system is readily available).
  10. Why do you think teenagers run away from their families and homes?
  11. What is meant by the term ‘sociology?’
  12. In what ways does the Salvation Army help needy people and what is it?
  13. What primarily causes teenagers to get pregnant?
  14. Describe the foster care system.
  15. Some people manage to overcome an abusive or otherwise bad upbringing. Why do you think this is?
  16. Explain what is meant by the poverty line?
  17. How do patients without medical insurance receive medical treatment?
  18. Are family and other relationships affected in a positive or negative way by social media?
  19. What is the most effective way of dealing with bullying and preventing it?
  20. Explain the term ‘affirmative action’ as it applies to education. Describe its history and its effects.
  21. Is it right that students of the same ability levels are grouped together in classes?
  22. What does the term ‘peak oil’ mean?
  23. How does the closure of public library affect society?
  24. When students drop out of education early, what happens to them?
  25. Explain what an illegal alien is and the type of life you think it leads.

Technology and Science

  1. Describe the technology behind Wi-Fi.
  2. Do you think our lives and how we live will be altered by Google Glass and explain what it is.
  3. What is your understanding of electric clothing?
  4. We increasingly hear about nanobots. What are they and what uses have they?
  5. Describe the effects of climate change and what it is.
  6. Why do you think the number of autism cases is growing?
  7. Have you heard of the Neanderthals? Who were they and do you think they and humans ever mated?
  8. Stanley Milgram undertook an experiment of a psychological nature in 1961. What was it and why did the results cause controversy?
  9. What are the developmental stages of the human brain and what changes occur with age?
  10. How closely do modern-day robots resemble humans?
  11. What are the reasons for obesity? (This is a much-discussed subject and is therefore one of those expository essay topics that students often choose).
  12. Why are black holes important and what are they?
  13. What is the status of the human search for extraterrestrial life?
  14. Why is there such a startling increase in the number of autoimmune diseases and allergies in Western countries?
  15. How is space flight contributing to new inventions?
  16. When people talk about electronic paper, what do they mean?
  17. Describe the process behind electronic music making.
  18. Explain what fusion energy is and what progress scientists are making in creating it.
  19. What is your understanding of string theory and how would you explain it?
  20. What is involved in making flu vaccine and how do vaccinations work?
  21. Explain what Alzheimer’s disease is and how it affects the human brain.
  22. What is DNA and what is its primary use?
  23. Describe what an allergic reaction and an allergen is.
  24. What is bioengineering and how have people’s lives changed because of it.