APA Essay Format

What is APA format for an essay?

The APA writing format requires adherence to specific rules. What is APA format for an essay? Good question! An essay is a typically assigned document that professors use to determine what their students have learned in their classes. Students who are unfamiliar with the APA writing format might find these daunting tasks, especially compared to the kinds of writing they did during their high school years. When asked to complete an APA formatted essay, it has the potential to add to the frustration. The APA writing format has an abundance of rules about how to write and present an APA format paper. The ideal way to handle this situation is to educate oneself on the technical specifics of the APA style.


What is an APA Formatted Essay?

When writing theses, there are two commonly used formats. They are Harvard and APA. APA formatting is most widely used when writing social science theses and papers in disciplines that are education related.

There are certain things that distinguish the APA format paper from other styles of papers. These rules must be strictly followed when writing a custom APA essay. Many students find this a task to be well beyond their capabilities, so they go online to try to buy a custom essay written in APA formatting style at a cheap price. One should assure that the cheap price does not interfere with the quality of the work.

APA Writing Style

The presentation of the APA format is quite distinctive from that of other theses. APA writing style always provides short details about the author, and the specific publication date and page numbers of any material that is cited within the document. These should show up inside parenthesis immediately after the quoted material. The APA essay format is double spaced, with allocated 1" margins on all sides of the paper. Font size 12 Times New Roman. In addition to these specifications, this particular format calls for a running head to appear in the top header of the page and page numbers on the upper right hand side of each page. The running head contains an abridged version of the paper's title.

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Primary Essay Elements

Title Page – This should, of course, contain the title of the document, the author's name, and the name of the school. Every word contained in the title should be capitalized and centered. The title length should be no more than 12 words. Double-space all text on the title page.

Abstract – The abstract is a concise summary of the document that is told in approximately 250 words. Abstract should be typed and centered on the page. The abstract should not contain highlighting or underlining. The methods, research topic, data and so forth should be included within the abstract and also be double-spaced.

Main Body – The main body of the paper should be written in the same style as any essay. Main titles need to be centered, however, and written in both upper and lower case letters. Subheading titles belong on the left and written in italics. APA style uses the third person unless otherwise specified.

References – The word, "references" should be typed in the center of the page. All citations should be double spaced and listed in alphabetical order.

These are just some of the rules of writing an APA essay. Additional writing tips can be found online in Doctoral Dissertation and Writing Guides and/or handbooks.