Additional Services

Additional Service Options for Your Writing Projects

Progressive Delivery

If you would like your order(s) delivered progressively (or in part), this is a service that offers. This is a great option for managing larger orders or those that are a bit complex in nature. Usually, this refers to papers that are 20+ pages in length (double-spaced) or 10+ pages (if you want your work single-spaced).   

The Benefits of Choosing to Get a Paper Delivered in Parts or in a Progressive Manner:

  • Facilitates the tacking of orders: Because the order is delivered when each part is complete, the customer has chance to review and approve the individual parts before their paper becomes due for submission
  • Allows the customer to submit revision requests, which we provide free-of-charge, for up to 30 days after their order is delivered (for comparison purposes, please note that 2 days is our usual timeframe for free revisions).  
  • The customer can expect to be assigned the best writers and best editors from our team.  
  • You will have a personal account manager assigned to your project - a person who makes sure that a) your paper is completed to a satisfactory standard and b) that any communication between you and your writer is conducted as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible.   

How drafts are delivered*:

  • Order deadline equals 4 days or under: If you set a deadline of four days or even less, you can expect to receive one (or the first) draft of your paper when we reach the half-way mark i.e. when we reach fifty percent (50%) of the agreed deadline. Also, at this point, you can expect to receive quarter of your paper (i.e. 25%). So, if your order equals 20 pages, you can expect to receive a draft comprised of 5 pages.         
  • Order deadline equals 5 to 11 days: If you set a deadline of five to eleven days, you can expect to receive 2 drafts at the quarter and half-way mark i.e. when we reach twenty five and fifty percent (25% and 50%) respectively of the agreed deadline. Also, at these points, you can expect to first receive a quarter and then a half draft, e.g., 25% and 50% of your order respectively.    
  • Order deadline equals 12 days (or more than 12 days): If you set a deadline of 12 days or more, you can expect to receive 3 drafts at the quarter, half, and three-quarter mark – i.e. when we reach 25%, 50%, and 75% of the agreed deadline. At these points, you can respectively expect to receive a quarter, half, and three-quarter (25%, 50%, and 75%) draft of your order.  

Pay just 15% extra for even greater flexibility

* Our helpful team will work with you to develop an individualized plan to suit your needs and preferences if you would like to receive your paper by some other means. The account manager we assign to your order will discuss your requirements with you directly in order to devise a mutually agreeable delivery method.  

Additional Options for Papers Not Exceeding 20 Pages 


If required we can let you have your paper in summary version, e.g., a 1 page document showing all key points/information. This is a useful service our company recommends to anyone who needs to submit regular reports on their work.    


We additionally provide 1-page drafts upon request. If, for example, you require your paper in single-spacing we can provide a 600-word draft or a 300-word draft if you would like it double-spaced. Such drafts can be provided when we reach 50% of your deadline so, if you have set a deadline of 4 days, we will send your requested draft in 2 days i.e. at the half-way mark.   

Extended Revision

Free revisions for 48 hours past delivery time are included as standard in the services offered by You can, however, ask us to extend this time to 14 days (2 weeks) if desired.