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A lot of students do not learn how to write an essay, and they are thus at a clear disadvantage in almost every course they take. Unfortunately, writing essay assignments do not just occur in English classes, and, by the time a student arrives at college, the expectation is that s/he knows how to write good essays and papers of all types, and no one is available to give special help writing an essay. The student is on his/her own to fill the skill gap. There are, actually, many online essay resources to access, and many of them will provide the help that students need.

First, there are a number of sites that will provide free essay samples of every type, and students may download these, print them out, and use them as guides for writing their own essay assignments. These can be extremely helpful, as a student can see how a particular type of essay or paper is structured and developed. A big word of caution here! Do not, for one minute, think that you can use any of these essays or papers as your own. They are all over the web, and institutions all have plagiarism-detection software that instructors can use. Plagiarism is a serious charge, and can get you an automatic “f” in the class, if not worse.


Other online essay writing sources will provide help writing an essay by supplying “how to” guides for every type of essay or paper that a student may face. Usually, there are also samples attached to these guides, so that student not only receives direction but also at least one model to use as well. These sources can be extremely helpful to students who are sincerely attempting to learn how to write an essay that will meet instructors’ expectations.

Still a third online source is a custom essay service. While these companies generally focus on providing original writing for students, many of them also offer sample writings at a cheap essay price. Students may access their databases, type in some keywords (e.g., genetics, college) and have the opportunity to buy essay or paper samples. Again, these are only to be used as examples and may never be submitted as one’s own work. 

What our clients have to say:

Another option, and one that students often use, is to contract with a custom online essay writing service, to obtain a piece of fully original writing. Good services that provide this type of help writing an essay will always provide a personal, qualified writer to each client, so, if you should choose this option, be certain that the service is reputable and that its reviews are all good. With someone else writing essay assignments for you, you need to be certain that there is never any chance of plagiarism.

Learning how to write good essays is a process, and it takes time. You may be at a disadvantage now, but you can fill that learning gap with commitment and hard work. Writing a good essay involves both art and science. The science is the structure, the grammar, and the format; the art is the creativity and the critical thinking that produce academically-sound and compelling writing. Work at it, get the type of help you need until you are confident, and you will achieve success!

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