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How to Write a Technology Essay - The Structure and Other Important Aspects to Bear in Mind

If you follow the advice below, your essay on technology will be one of the best in your class.

Essays on technology are usually short written pieces that describe a particular technology i.e. some aspect or practice related to that technology or area of technology. For instance, a tutor may ask students to write an essay exploring some hypothesis or scientific components of a technology. Other students in another type of class may be asked to look at the implications of technology (either a particular technology or technology in general) from a public or ethical perspective. Clearly, the way students approach these types of essays will be different since each type of assignment serves a different purpose or several purposes.

A science-based essay on technology is likely to focus more on how a given technology has been created or how it works. A technology essay with a public or ethical focus is likely to involve an investigation into what is implied by the technology and what effect(s) it has in terms of human relations and on populations.

Whatever the circumstances, however, technology essays should not be written in the same manner or with the same purpose as a research paper. The latter are written with the aim of informing readers about a question or problem the writer has researched and by way of presenting a wide range of expert opinions. A custom-written essay is produced with the primary intention of observing or investigating a subject or topic from the essay writer’s viewpoint. For this reason, and even though essays also often have the purpose of informing, these are approached in a different way because they are being written to some extent from the biased view of the writer of the paper.

Regardless of the focus of a technology essay, its purpose is to set out the writer’s thorough understanding of how a particular technology functions, how it is shaped, and the results it produces. The writer’s voice is unlikely to be credible if they do not demonstrate such an in-depth understanding. Furthermore, the writer should demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension by providing clear but distinct information about the chosen technology and how it works, and they should do so in such a manner that the reader can understand it, including those who are not familiar with the given technology. What is crucial is that readers are able to follow the writer over the course of the essay. If they cannot, readers will be unable to evaluate the ideas in the essay.   

As well as showing a thorough comprehension of whatever technology is being described in the essay, the writer must explain in clear terms why this technology is worthy of attention and research. Put another way, the writer needs to state clearly, why a given technology merits being written about and why readers should read about it. If, for example, the topic of an essay were wind turbine technology, the writer would certainly need to explain clearly, why this technology is an important source of power and how it is critical to the world’s natural and economic well-being.  

So, as you should now see, a high-level essay on technology can become a great written work if you remain focused.  

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