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Adolescent Behavior

Elizabeth Scott and Laurence Steinberg are distinguished professors in law and developmental psychology, respectively. These two scholars have combined law and developmental psychology, in order to come up with an inter-disciplinary model of ...

Does Authoritarian Parenting Style Result

Parenting is one of the daunting task yet very rewarding when done appropriately. Childhood experiences have a strong bearing on the teenage and adult life. The four major areas that need balancing include nurturance, communication skills, ...

Guide to Writing Great Psychology Essays

When a student is asked to write an essay on psychology, the process requires them to fully engage their minds and apply all of their mental agility. This is a task that expects you to use your mind to choose a suitable topic, which you will then proceed to psycho-analyze. Here, the writers at provide a number of useful tips and some very practical advice to help you write this type of essay with all necessary examples and evidence in the shortest possible time.

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Choose a Topic for Your Psychology Essay

As is the case with any other type of academic text, choosing a topic for a psychology essay is a process that often causes headaches for many students. However, you should always try to select a topic that you are knowledgeable in and one that has enough information for you to write about.   

Create an Outline for Your Essay

Begin by creating a short but relatively detailed outline for your essay. This genre of essay is a type of research paper that should be comprised of an introductory paragraph and body paragraphs, a section on the methods you use for analysis, a section on the possible results or outcomes, and a concluding paragraph. These are all sections you need to pay careful attention to.

Consider What Details You Will Include In Your Essay

Any ideas you present in the body paragraphs of your essay should be supported and substantiated with reliable facts from previously undertaken research and experiments.

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