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AdWeek is a website and a magazine that covers news on the media, including technology, television, print, advertising and branding. The back issues of this magazine are secluded for advertisements and branding of products. It is used to identify the best selling items and agencies while trying to brand products for the producers. Most of the articles that the magazine publicizes are on technology and marketing. For instance in the last six months it has advertised mobile device marketing through various trends. It has given first priority to the best selling and the worst selling giving the reasons behind each. For example, how Apple lost its bite, bad advertisements, and the media stars. AdWeek has a few trends that have shaped the future of mobile marketing. Its discussions are based on expert tips, industry insights, opinions, and new ideas that aim at helping managers improve their advertising and marketing strategies (Sultan & Rohm, 2008).

Big data for example, is a trend predicted in the magazine as a major focus for all marketers

With advancement in mobile technology, marketers can communicate with consumers wherever they are using the devices. Marketers should thus be looking at the way consumers interact with the brand they are selling. Programmatic buying, which the magazine uses for its branding, is another way which could assist marketers. This is because one does not have to spend a lot of time on the desktop doing inventories (Jain & Haley, 2009). Hence, time is spared to come up with new and creative ideas of advertisements.  In their advertising and marketing, AdWeek magazine provides its consumers with personalized utilities. Marketers can borrow this idea to evaluate how they can assist their consumers while at the same time providing real value. For example, shoppers could be sent personalized messages on their mobile phones regarding the items they are buying. Marketers ought to strive to attain this kind of personalization because the true value lies there.


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Buy custom Magazine Index: AdWeek essay

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