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The Pride system is an application that is used to eliminate information silos in a database. The pride system is beneficial to an organization as it is used to carry a lot of functions in organizations. These range from storage of exercise data, personal report processes, storage of data and provision of reports to database controllers. Research shows that many problems are caused by information Silos. Firstly, information Silos lead to duplication of data resulting to inconsistency. The changes in customer data may lead to invoices being directed to the wrong addresses. This could lead to data integrity problem in the information silos. Secondly, information silos tend to isolate some applications leading to disjointness of the business processes. Information silos also lead to cost increase in an enterprise.  Accounting systems are always disrupted by information silos, leading to inconsistencies in the information, and data in the organization. Inefficiencies, limited information and disjointed systems all translate to increase in costs. Since the main purpose of the business enterprise is to minimize costs in order to achieve higher revenues, it is advisable to eliminate the silos (Rajaraman & Ullman, 2012).

The Pride system eliminates information silos through integration of data into a single database. The system is made in such a way that once installed, it revises the applications including business processes to use a single integrated database. This helps to enhance the flow of information hence increasing efficiency in the business processes. The Pride system connects disparate data into a single platform leading to efficiency of information flow in an enterprise. Once information silos have disintegrated information, it is difficult to have efficient flow of information in an enterprise. Inefficiencies such as data duplication to different clients are also eliminated hence contributing to efficient information flow. The Pride system also helps a database to reconcile data to once it has duplicated as a result of availability of information silos (Abraham, 2006).


After a visit to Website, I found many links that do share social capital. The management shares its social capital through creating new relationships with other clients. Through the new relationships, it easy to understand the views of other people in regard to the products I have purchased in  The management in tries to attract the customers through updating new products, and also ensuring that their clients provide feedback through social platforms. An analysis of Sephora’s website proves that the social networking links it has create business value. The networking sites help the business to share its offerings to the clients. The sites also make it possible for clients to communicate with employees. This is essential for the business as it contributes to retaining of clients.  When a business has different social networking sites, it is easy for it to create more customers. A large customer base for a business means efficient cash flows in the business at all times. Sephora’s social networking has helped the management to build lasting relationships with clients. Through these relationships, it is easy to market new products to the customers. Sephora’s management has used social networking as a major competitive advantage in the market (Abraham, 2006).


The systems in data mining help in the prediction, and classification of information. Data mining systems usually take advantage of management processes in complex databases. Big data systems, on the other hand, handle large information as compared to any other application.  Big Data systems are structured into log files, free form text, audio and video. In addition, Big Data systems also help in management of data using modern techniques. Both the Mining system and Big Data system help in the collection and processing of data and information.  The systems are simultaneously used in science and research. This is because they do handle complex processes such as visualization, transfer and analysis of data. Data mining systems are beneficial to organizations as they are used to conduct sophisticated processes such as finance, marketing and data management. Data mining systems helps organizations to conduct complex business process such as data entry, manufacturing planning, and transaction processing (In Lupeikiene & In Vasilecas, 2013).

Given two databases, I would choose data mining systems. This is because they do take advantage of all recent advancements in management processes. These systems have many advantages as compared to other databases because they help to carry a wide variety of functions. Data mining systems are also beneficial because they help in cheap computer processes.  They do also have lower costs and many benefits for an organization. This helps to enhance the management of information in an organization. Data mining systems can also process data using traditional techniques. Using Big Data systems, it is difficult for organizations to use traditional approaches in data management. This characteristic gives them an edge over the big data systems. In terms of costs, however, Big Data systems tend to be expensive. This means that data mining systems are the best for organizations (Abraham, 2006).


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Buy custom Business Information Systems essay

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