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In this assignment, a gourmet coffee shop is to be opened next to a college campus in Washington. It would operate between 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays and starting 7am to 3 pm for the weekends. Initially, there would be three store managers and ten coffee servers. The local bank financing the project has however, requested for a staffing program for an initial term of three years. The queries raised by the bank are addressed below.

The type of relationship that would exist between the employees and the coffee shop would be that one of employee and employer. The employer in this case is the coffee shop while the employees are the store managers and the coffee servers. This would create a relationship that is guided by the employment and labor laws that define the duties and liabilities that would befall every party to the employment agreement. By having such a relationship, every part would be called upon to fulfill their parts of the promise. Should they fail to comply, the law is to take its course and address the situation.

The roles and responsibilities of each party is defined

This makes it easy for each concerned party to get value for their money for any investments they have made to the business. In case of any disagreements, they could easily be addressed and sorted because the relationship provides for such. This could be the best arrangement that clearly defines the roles, liabilities, and rights accruing to each party.

Claims of disparate treatment must be eliminated. All the workers would be treated equally and in a fair manner without any prejudice as it regards their gender, race, religion or political affiliations. Their roles would be clearly defined. This would offer an avenue upon which each employee is supposed to serve. They would all be evaluated to ascertain their capabilities and suitability to serve at various points in the work. Their pay or salaries would be uniform save for any commissions that would be earned due to attainment of set exemplary performance. By so doing, no element of discrimination would be present. This would also act to motivate the employees as all of them are to be seen as equal before the employer.

There could be external influences which would hinder staffing for the coffee shop

There are factors concerning the law. The legal requirements may place so much responsibility on the employer thus putting at a disadvantageous position. Laws relating to working times can also influence the hiring of staff. Political influences too, have a role to play. The era prevailing or in power may have some inclination or towards or against some businesses. This may tend to influence the willingness of any new employee taking over or assuming any jobs with the coffee shop. Demographic features are also an issue of concern. An age system or makeup that is old may not be appropriate since its members would less be interested in a formal employment setup. This therefore, limits the options available for the employer to recruit any staff.

A plan for dealing with employee shortages or surpluses too must be in place. Where the employees are many, a mechanism that is appropriate and in conformity with the law must be designed to lay off the surplus employees. This must however respect the rights of every employee and be done in a humane way. In cases of a shortage of employees, plans must be devised to recruit new and suitably qualified persons for the task. Such recruitments are done after a prior announcement of the vacancies so that the information is gotten by a majority applicants. This ensures that the subsequent interviews conducted capture the wider market for labor. This would ensure the coffee shop is not interrupted in its operations as a business enterprise.

A plan for workforces' diversity would also be desirable

The relevance of this is to have workforce which represents all groups of persons who reside in the neighborhood. This would be a sign of welcome to all who would be the coffee shop clients and thereby increase the volume of sales, thus immense profits to the business. To achieve the diversity threshold, a proportion of a certain percentage must be distributed fairly amongst the groups being considered (Richard, 2009). This can be done when the interviews are being conducted. This arrangement would then promise an inclusive allowance for diversity to avoid views or feelings of discrimination.

Prior to the conduction of job interviews for the store managers and the coffee servers, their jobs requirements must be done first with an aim of ensuring that those who are qualified or who meet the set conditions are selected for the task. This sets the stage for the accomplishment of the objectives predetermined by the entrepreneur (Bent, 1998). For the store managers, they should posses some level of education, mainly college level with a diploma in supplies and procurement. They are to order for any required supplies, organize for their payments, receive the goods and ensure their safe storage. They are also to oversee the administration of the stored items, supervising how they are withdrawn and utilized.

The other classes of employees involve the coffee servers

These should also hold diplomas or certificates in food and nutrition or some education in catering or hotel industry. This would ensure that they have the education necessary for them to be equipped on how best to run the service. Their duties would include cleaning the items for use, serving the clients and preparing the foods to be served (Bent, 1996). They should be individuals who are able to keep health standards and uphold them.

From the foregoing discussion, the issue of staffing is of considerable importance to a business and must hence be considered during the preliminary stage planning. The staff would be of a critical role in defining the progress of the business. Adequate arrangements should therefore, be made to get the staff who must be qualified individuals to execute the assignment. The relationship between them and the business must be defined well in law (Oren, 1995). This would delineate every party’s roles, duties and liabilities thereby defining their rights thereto. This would provide a recourse for solving of disputes in case of any disagreements that may arise. The study of the factors which may hinder the operations of the business, too, must be analyzed. This is aimed at ensuring that contingency plans are made that would prevent the business against exposure to such externalities. By having such measures, the business is protected against fail and would thereby prosper with appropriate management.

Buy custom Staffing Organizations essay

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