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It is very important to employ and maintain the right employees for the right job

Accountants holding the main positions in a major bank should be thoroughly sorted in order to get the right person. Profiles international employee assessment tests will actually upgrade the selection, development, coaching and retention of the chosen accountant. These pre-employment and post-employment assessment tests are useful in reducing employee turnover rapidly by vetting out the ill and maintaining the best. The employee assessment plans meet the United State Department of Labor (DOL) principles. They are used in over 40,000 industries and organizations in 80 countries (Jackson, 2000).

Discrimination because of medical situation is expelled by law in various parts of the world

This means that health assessment is not the best ammunition to sack employees. Nevertheless, they can act as tools to confirm that workers are healthy, fit for the job and to tackle health matters which might interfere with working in the bank. For example, a banker who habitually encounters back ache might welcome advices in the professional health assessment test which will lessen the vulnerability of spoiling the back. According to the relevant researchers, it was approximated that in 2010 90% of workplaces had conducted various forms of background test during their employing procedure. Susan McCullah suggests that the figure has broadly encompassed the drug, criminal, assessment testing, education and employment verification (Jackson, 2000).

For pre-employment assessment screening test of prospective accountant to be effective, employers must adhere, evaluate and examine the following questions: Do the company’s pre-employment screening policies reveal to us the fundamentals we should be aware of? Does the test fit the job description a banker is being tested to fill? Does the screening tool offer protection against persons who may turn to be unfit, unqualified or violent? Do we ensure that it is the fairest test and there is no discrimination aspect to certain secured classes? These are important aspects to ensure that certain employment screenings are fit within communication technology firm perimeters in the efforts to effectively screen the potential employee.

Employee Issue

Employee Assessment Tests Solutions

Pre-employment assessments

This is a dual-point worker assessment test which is used for pre-employment selection, coaching, promotion, managing, testing, training and succession planning. It is influential and dynamic management test tool that invites the current technology to provide the right people with the right job.

Sales hiring and selection

This is used for managing, selecting and training salespersons. It covers five chief characteristics of successful salespersons and forecasts manners in various essential sales behaviors.

Customer Service employee selection

This tool measures eight behavioral features and two skills that are chief to providing excellent customer care. It also opens a worker’s or job candidate’s requirements for customer care education and orientation.

360°  Feedback

This is a tool that quantifies the competencies of a participant. It confirms the outcome from a huge range of viewpoints and ascertains means to enhance expertise.

Personality and Behavior Test

This is a pre-employment test that ensures that everyone in the company is the customer service player.

Achieve Organizational Goals

This is the summary of data from every individual Check Point 360° feedback from selected group. It confirms the individual coalition with the corporate mission, vision, strategic goals and purpose. This analysis helps in planning to achieve the company’s goals with certainty, purpose and clarity.

Skill assessments

This is a pre-employment screening tool that is used to assess the attitudes the job candidates have regarding reliability, integrity and work ethic. It also covers the knowledge and the exposure the candidate has regarding the effort and substandard.

According to Fisher and Nobile, the step-by-step pre-hire assessment plan should include the following aspects. The plan should be consistent. This is by being sure of whom the company wants to employ. A pre-employment tool’s policy should be written down and outlined. The plan should also be suspicious. Since most of the application resumes contain mistruth information, the plan should be made suspicious to detect such areas. The applicants may tend to fake dates and references. It should be relevant. Perimeters should be set in order to conduct a perfect test. This follows that a banker cannot be tested in driving areas; instead, credits should be the main area of concentration. It should be complete. The assessment should be made comprehensive and all backgrounds are to be checked and verified. This is in the efforts to reduce the cost of assessment which is estimated to be 25% of their annual salaries, and protect the industry from making the wrong choice. It should be accurate. The assessment should be conducted by a professional who ensures all areas are verified (Jackson, 2000). 

Buy custom Accountant Pre-Hire Assessment Plan essay

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