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Teenagers have been abusing drugs since time in memorial. Non-medical and medical prescription drugs have been misused by many teenagers in the world. According to the national research, college and university students are the main victims of drug abuse. It is proved that tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs are illegally used in most countries. On the other hand, non-medical prescription drugs, which are mainly used for health purposes, are also abused. Sedatives, stimulants, antidepressants and painkillers are the most widespread. Many college students, especially those who feel depressed and sad, prefer to abuse drugs to solve their problems.

Adolescents are faced by various body developments

This is where teenagers are depressed due to small issues in life. If depression is noted and treated early enough, the probability of abusing drug is reduced. It is possible to identify depressed adolescents if they feature five of the following symptoms of depressions. This include lack of sleep, loss of appetite, depressed moods, lack of interest, poor concentration, suicidal thought, worthlessness and loss of energy. Treatment of depression is done through medication, rehabilitation, behavior therapy and counseling. This reduces future chances of abusing drugs.

Sixteen-year-old teenagers are the most affected in abusing drugs. The research shows that at the age of sixteen, most teenagers use prescription drugs, especially pain relievers. Health professionals and clinicians prescribe pain relievers to adolescents as their problems are usually not serious. These adolescents misuse these drugs as they take them for other purposes. They take the drugs to feel high or other personal pleasure reasons. This endangers their lives and makes them weak. These are students who are either in high schools or starting their college education. A proved research shows that one among sixty teenagers, who is between twelve and twenty-one years old, misuse pain reliever every year.

Chronic abuse of cocaine has been proved to accelerate brain aging

Scientists have proved that the grey matter is lost more by those who misuse cocaine than in drug-free people. The drug interferes with important brain sections, which are related to decision-making, self-regulation, memory and attention. Currently, those medical disorders which used to affect old people are now affecting middle aged individuals. These include brain atrophy, cognitive decline, immunodeficiency and loss of memory. This is all because of chronic cocaine use at teen age.

Most teenagers start abusing drugs at a very young age. In fact, it is unbelievable to know that teenagers start this killing behavior at the earliest stages of puberty. Drug and drug use patterns in early ages is a good indicator that the teenagers will later abuse other dangerous substances. Due to the early introduction into substance abuse, teenagers get disorders throughout their life. They start using alcohol and other drugs at the age of fourteen, and by the time they are fifteen, they are already addicts. This brings harm to their development as they cannot mature as required.

The blacks are more venerable to drug abuse as compared to other ethnic groups. As they grow up, they start using harder drugs than those they used at fourteen. This multiplies the harm caused by the drugs. Long-term effects of these drugs are evident in the future life of the individuals. Annually, teenagers drink alcohol to celebrate different occasions. This has been termed dangerous since most teenagers are trained to drink in these ceremonies. It destroys their brain as well as their general body health.

Children take their parents to be their role models

Therefore, parents’ role is very vital in their final decision. Abstaining from drugs or misusing them has been proved to be influenced by parents greatly. Children, whose parents are drug addicts, end up taking drugs just like their parents. Even if the habit is risky, they take their parents to be their role models and emulate them. Human body develops up to the age of twenty-five. Therefore, all tissues which will be destroyed after the age of twenty-five are not replaced. This is why drug addicts lose memory fast and acquire other mental disorders. Their children follow the same routes not because genes, but because of habits and observations. They are unable to make proper decision since the part which controls impulse is destroyed by the drugs.

Early intervention can prevent future drug abuse. These can be done by parents, teachers or peer educators. Colleges and universities have a tendency of using the first few weeks of the semester to discover the new products. Additionally, first-year students are venerable as the continuing students are eager to introduce them to the world of elites. This is where non-drinkers are set aside as they are termed as old school. This makes them join the drinking group to avoid embarrassment. They start drinking alcohol and abusing other drugs to be accepted in college society. They become addicts within no time and destroy their future.

Substance abuse is not the same in all nations. Research shows that, United States has more adolescents abusing drugs. Adolescents start abusing drugs when they are influenced by their peers. This means that, those who remain with their parents hardly starts taking the drugs at an early age. Unfortunately, most teenagers are exposed to danger as their parents are too busy working, or on their personal businesses. There is a difference in effects of drug in every race. Some ethnic groups are affected more than other due to their biological makeup.

Drug abuse in adolescence causes brain damage, neurobiological imbalances and risky behavior. These effects are not only evident when the individual is young but also persist when they are mature.   Drugs have long term effects which are impossible to rehabilitate. For example, when brain sections are destroyed, they are irreplaceable forever. Amphetamine causes neurotransmitters destruction. This is an important drug but becomes the most dangerous if abused. Those who try this drug are never the same again. They lose appetite, lose weight and die gradually.

It is possible for adolescents to stop misusing drugs and reshape their future

Millions have been rehabilitated and their lives changed from danger to success. Prevention of alcohol and substance abuse is better than trying to rehabilitate adolescence addicts. However, those who are already abusing the drugs requite attention, love and medication. Spiritual guidance is proved to help them appreciate their lives again. It requires unity from different stake holders to make teenagers abstain from drug and rehabilitate the addicts. Parents, teachers, religious leaders and the entire society must come together to curb teenagers abuse of drugs. 

Section II

It is ethically and morally wrong to abuse drug. Considering the negative effects of abusing drugs, adolescents and all human beings should stop abusing drugs immediately. It cannot be acceptable in the social, political and the religious aspects for teenagers to continue abusing drugs. They are our future hopes, and using drugs means that the human race can come to an end. Therefore, the society must fight against drug abuse using resources, time, man power and energy. It is unjust to expose drugs to teenagers making them venerable and susceptible. The principles of ethics which include respect for human autonomy, justice and beneficence are against drug abuse and they harshly criticize the whole action.

Research shows that, teenagers abuse both medical and non medical drugs. This attracts various rhetorical questions to all rational human beings. If teenagers are getting drugs from medical experts, who has failed? It is unethical for clinicians to offer drug without proper prescriptions. The principle of beneficence should be properly applied by medical experts to ensure clients’ welfare is considered. Additionally, it is unacceptable to offer excess drugs to patients as this gives them a chance to misuse the drugs. The principle of human autonomy expects every human being to have self control and only do what is morally right. Therefore, teenagers should adopt this principle and protect their future.

Teenagers access hard drugs from members of the society

It is morally wrong and unethical to sell or give teenagers these dangerous drugs. They access them from adults who already know the consequences of abusing drug. It is unjust to give them these drugs since they sometime take them innocently. Researchers have proved that teenagers are given the drug free of charge for the first few weeks. From then onwards, they are expected to cough some coins to get the drug. Addiction is that dangerous such that, it make them everything possible to acquire the desires of their heart.

Justice should prevail to ensure teenage drug abuse is halted. New policies concerning drugs should be formulated and implemented. All those adults who mercilessly sell drug to teenagers should be thoroughly punished. Similarly, teenagers arrested with drug offences should be taken to the juvenile justice system and punished appropriately. These will discourage drug dwellers and users to stop this habit.

College students are role models to the primary school children. They are the elites who we expect to be tomorrows’ leaders. However, they embarrass these great hopes when they all engage in drug abuse. It is understandable that their age is confusing but they should have self control and unwavering principles. This will guide them throughout their college life and they will not regret in future. First years are introduced to drugs by their elder brothers and sisters. It is morally wrong to train your small sister or brother on the usage of these drugs.

Consequences of drug abuse are too harsh to continue taking them

They make them lose concentration in school and therefore failing in their education. On the other hand, they start risky behavior, which can cause them more harm. These include sexual immorality, rape, violence and lack of respect. They become unfair to their parents, who have invested a lot in their education. Similarly, they are unjust to the society as they have irritating behavior.

Teenagers should have high personalities and unwavering principles. At the age of fourteen, many teenagers are exposed to the danger of drug abuse. This is a very young age, since individuals are not fully developed. Parents are determinants of whether their sons and daughters will abstain forever or will commence abusing drugs at the very young age. It is morally wrong for children to start taking drugs at this age. It is humiliating for the parents whose children misuse drugs at this age. Therefore, there is a big need to intervene and ensure your kids are equipped with enough knowledge concerning drug abuse. This helps them make mature decisions whenever they are endangered by their peers.

It is morally and ethically wrong to share drugs prescribed to one person with one another. This is one of the main reasons why teenagers start using non-prescribed drugs for their pleasures. Respect for autonomy requires human beings to value their lives and do all they can to live positively. Sharing drugs gives teenagers an opportunity to try how effective the drugs can be in other fields. Medical experts should ensure they offer the correct dose giving no chance to remainders.

Depression is one of the main reasons why teenagers abuse drugs

It is possible to identify depression in a teenager and treat it early enough to avoid future complications.  Their behavior sometimes requires medical attention whenever they are discovered. Suicidal thoughts appear frequently trying to move away from the real-life experience. Their problems are natural as they are caused by biological changes in their bodies. It is the role of everyone in the society to protect teenagers and advise them whenever they seem depressed. Medical attention and behavior therapy can save lives of teenagers making them avoid abusing drugs.

Respecting human autonomy and valuing personality is important as it helps people avoid risky behavior like abusing drugs. Chronic cocaine use has been proved to destroy the brain completely. Alcohol, tobacco and all other substances abused have disastrous effects in human body. Every nation and federal government should be just to the innocent teenagers who have little or no knowledge concerning the consequences of drug abuse. Harsh punishments and fines should be implied on drug dwellers and medical experts who support the abuse. It is a universal responsibility for all adults from all generations to avoid the dangers of drugs. This calls for cooperation from all fields.

Effects of drugs abuse are not only experienced by teenagers when they are young, but they are long-term effects, which can be felt forever. Brain damage is one of the most dangerous effects which are incurable. As teenagers start using drugs at an early age, the urge increases as they grow old. This forces them to start using hard drugs, which are more harmful. Those who manage to abstain from drugs throughout their teen age are less likely to start using drugs in adulthood. They live comfortably with normal disorder. 

Buy custom Teen Drug Abuse essay

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