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Immigration is the movement from one’s native country into another foreign country or region for permanent settlement. The process makes people learn other cultures and change their perceptions. It is done for political, security, social or religion purposes. This essay has different short stories, investigating the trauma created by immigration on the personality of working class males. It describes how the trauma affects peoples’ identity, nostalgia and memory capacity. This makes the reader comprehend effects of assimilation, immigration and Diaspora (Riofrio 23).

Papi struggles against emasculation and assimilation

At the long run, his efforts make him incapable of compassion. It is ironic that, Yunior might emulate his father after the reader sympathized with him throughout the novel. He learns the consequences of empathy from his childhood; therefore, he rejects it consciously. He grew up in a devaluing social environment, which rejects empathy. Therefore, matures with conspicuous rejection of the same (Diaz 114).

Pittu Laungani is a social scientist who urges that values can be compared to air, which spreads through peoples’ cultural atmosphere. In this case, therefore we absorb them without considering their origins. According to Yunior, a society, which limits empathy has a hidden truth, which is hard to interpret. He unconsciously assumes values and joins his father in admitting that the fight never bothered him, making the reader to assume that he is fated like Rafa is, to emulate his father too. However, Diaz never had this in mind (Riofrio 23).

Yunior’s effort to construct his father’s return story terminated his chance to empathy

He desires the return of his father imagining how Rafa would accompany him throughout the night waiting for him. On the other hand, Rafa hopes the father will come at night like Jesus, and how they will find him on the table room smiling with unshaven hair. Rafa predicted that, the father would be taller than he was after eating North American food, which makes even grown up men taller. This food was not there in their land “Negocios”. Yunior is finally able to imagine the truth of how his father would come back, smaller and weaker than how he left, after the hardships in the states. He lastly comes across his father’s beautiful portrait, which helps him construct his father’s honest picture. The author concludes with an impassioned pronouncement that empathy is more of becoming human than vulnerable (Bourdieu & Pierre 237).

Buy custom Summary of Riofrio Essay essay

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