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Reading in its simplest form is extracting information from written materials

It is one of the greatest ways of acquiring knowledge and understanding. In the world today, much information is exchanged through multimedia, television and radios. However, none of the named means can surpass the basic knowledge of reading, which portrays great ways of enlightening. Reading opens the doors of wisdom, making the reader as wise as a king. In fact, when evaluating economic status of a nation, literacy level which is directly proportional to reading, is the main factor to be considered. It reflects the nation’s economic power, health status, government administration and social crime rate (Revell & Sweeney 23). Reading has endless benefits to human beings of all ages; this is why I believe reading is important.

Reading is not only interesting, but also beneficial. All the great thinkers attained their honors through reading. I believe that reading is important. A famous American writer Dr. Seuss once said that, the most prominent gift is the desire to read. Reading distracts, excites, consoles, and gives knowledge. It is the cheapest method of entertainment which offers excellent thrills. Reading stimulates eye muscles, and enhances mental development. It is an exciting activity which requires concentration, thereby improving concentration power of the readers. Conversation skills are improved as you advance reading (Goodman 116). It is an activity that enhances acquiring of knowhow consistently. It sensitizes in all issues concerning day to day life. For sure, reading is positively addictive and naturally beautiful.

However, reading has become less important in the current world

This is caused by advancement in technology, which has replaced the desire to read. Children and teenagers prefer watching movies or playing video games instead of reading. Similarly, adults watch television at the expense of reading novels.  Reading is no longer important as it was in the olden days. People have neglected the limitless benefits of reading, and opted for other means of updates.  Unfortunately, I was one of those who had neglected this important activity. When I was a junior high school student, I read books for the purpose of tests only (Goodman 117). However, my best friend was always reading stories, magazines, novels and books on daily basis. His language and choice of word were completely different from mine. He was excellent in grammar and vocabulary.  

Reading can help you avoid becoming senile

My grandfather was eighty five years old. He had many friends who become senile one after another when they attained seventy years. However, my grandfather was mentally upright at the age of eighty. He liked reading and did it frequently. I believe this is the reason why he remained mentally fit. Recently, scientists have proved that reading prevents senile at old age. One scientific report shows that, those who keep reading are more resilient to mental illnesses including senile. The researchers urge that reading exposes people to a wide range of information including healthy and diet tips. Similarly, reading builds complex neural routes and strengthens the brain (Rubenstein $ Josephson 147).

In conclusion, acquiring skills of reading is the easiest way of approaching a predicament. Reading is the key to all hidden treasures, wisdom and knowledge.  Abraham Lincoln stated that, he has learnt how to solve day to day problems after frequent reading. It is the easiest way to explore the universe, seated at the comfort of your dwelling (Smith 49). If you have not started reading, start now and acquire new survival means. What is your reading?

Buy custom I Believe Reading Is Important essay

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