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Deutsche Bank Multinational Corporation


Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 in Berlin as a specialist bank which focused on foreign trade. Today, it is a global service bank with head quarters in Frankfurt, Germany. It continues to be the leader in Europe and currently focusing on emerging markets in Asia and North America. Currently, Deutsche Bank is operating in 73 countries with approximately 100000 employees (Deutsche bank, n.d.). It has numerous financial products and is categorized under Corporate and Investment Banks. These products help the corporation as well as investors to run smoothly. The products include global banking, risk management, research and others.



Deutsche Bank Ukraine is located at Sichnevoho Povstannya Street, Kyiv. It was established in 1993; however, it started full subsidiary operation in 2009. It offers several services including corporate banking, trade finance and treasury services. These services are offered using the brand name 'Deutsche Bank'. Currently, there is a job opening in Deutsche Bank for a bank analyst which intends to apply.

The Deutsche bank Ukraine targets include branches of multinational companies, European small and medium sized enterprises and clients from Central and Southern regions of Europe. The Ukraine subsidiary primary role was global transaction banking including trade finance, cash and forex management. In addition, the bank plans to open investment banking activities in the region. As a result, it will strengthen the bank as the center of investment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia activities, Deutsche bank is experiencing regional instability. This is enough reason for investors to shy away due to the political and military issues. Also, the competitors are quick to overtake Deutsche Bank on new developments in the region (Fawzi, 2012).

In addition, the bank has recorded poor results recently. The income before tax had reduced by 30% on the first quarter of 2013 not including the non-core operations which reduced by 17% and a decrease in revenue by 17% same year. According to the company, the decline was associated with corporate banking and security.

Foreign employees in Ukraine have proven to be indispensable to the activities of many subsidiaries. Also the presence of a foreign employee trigger establishment of legal entity in Ukraine. These may trigger a number of tax implications to a foreigner. Due to the current crisis in Ukraine, non residential institutions including Deutsche bank in retaliation for sanctions, Russia may decide to embark on asset grabbing. Due to the current situation the future of the bank is not promising and chances of career development in the company may be very minimal.


The first branch was opened in Milan in 1977. Since then the company has grown constantly after acquisitions of Finanza and Futuro Banca. This year the bank was named best foreign bank in the country for the consecutive year. Today it has several branches in Italy including Corso and Rome.

Deutsche Bank has intention of acquiring Zurich, a company that deals with insurance, banking and asset management in the country. Also there are on going plans to increase retail banking. This will help the bank to strengthen its position in the European markets and other institutions. The company will become more powerful at global level.

However, due to tougher regulations the bank will struggle and may result to risker assets and also a drop in revenue. Also, the trend is likely to continue despite the company effort to simplify its technology systems. Moreover, the Italian companies are more dependent of bank credit.

Italy being a member of the European Union, the bank will have to pay the charges imposed by the union (Sassoon, 1997). In addition, the banks in Italy have a difficulty time due to the increasing number of loans as a result of high unemployment and recession. The currency crisis continues to be an issue of concern due to price changes.

Deutsche Bank Italy has a job vacant in the analyst position in Milan. The country is politically and economically stable which has enabled the bank to open several branches.

Living conditions

Milan, Italy

Milan has a population of approximately 3,884,281 people. It has a humid climate which is in contrast with the rest of Italy which has Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and humid, while the winters are wet and cold. Statistics show that the Milan has the highest wages. The average wages range from 1200- 1400 net.

The house rent may start from 300 to 400 Euro per month in the surrounding areas, however, rent can rise up to 2000 Euro per month in the ultra-central area of Milan. The average rent ranges at about 500 to 550 Euro per month.

All means of transport in Milan are monopolized making it to be at a great advantage. This is because all the ticket an individual obtain will be valid for all means of transport. On average a trip will cost 1 Euro, a whole day pass for all the lines will cost 3 Euro, 5.5 Euro for two days subscriptions and 30 euro for a whole month subscription (Cost of living in Milan, n.d.).


There are various supermarkets including Esselunga, CONAD, Billa and so on where a person can buy food, clothes and other stuffs. The prices of basic item are milk 1.20 euro per liter, bread 3.50euro per kilo, water 0.58 euro per liter and movie 7.50 euro. In other words, living in Milan is not very expensive and an individual can manage to find rent at a reasonable price, even people with a low income.

I am planning to relocate alone since am not married. I am very social and can make friend easily and get along well with people. Learning new language will not be a problem because I have always loved to speak different languages since i was little. I love art, and Milan being a city of art, life will be fun.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine. It is the largest city in Ukraine in terms of area coverage and population. The climate is Mediterranean and summers are warmer. In previous decade, Ukraine was a cheap place to live. Today, due to high inflation, tied with the country’s huge debt the cost of living has gone up. The population in Kyiv is approximately 3.6 million and the inflation rate is about 12% in this year. The average monthly income in Kyiv is approximately 300 US dollars. This is much less than many other places.

The house rent in the city center is more expensive than outside. A one bedroom apartment in the city ranges 540 to 860 US dollars from while outside the city center ranges from 350 to 490 US dollars. A three bedroom apartment ranges from 530 to 800 US dollars outside the city while in the city center the rent ranges from 1000 to 1800 US dollars Cost of living in Kyiv. updated prices Nov 2014. (n.d.)..

The means of transportation mostly used in Kyiv are buses, train, tram, trolley bus and metro. One way transportation ticket ranges from 0.25 to 0.31 US dollars. A monthly regular pass ranges from 9.29 to 12.56 US dollars. The transport network is good and some can access any point of the city using public transport. However, in the morning it is usually overcrowded.

In Kyiv, there are shopping centers, departmental stores as well as traditional markets where a person can shop. They include Mandarin plaza, Ukraina shopping canter and many others. The prices of basic item are milk 1.05 US dollars per liter, bread 1.00 US dollars per kilo, water 0.62 US dollars per liter and movie 6.11 US dollars (Cost of living in Kyiv, n.d.).

People in Kyiv are very hospitable, although most prefer to dinner at home rather than restaurant. Most people speaks Ukrainian, therefore, it would be necessary to learn basic Ukrainian or Russian. Learning different language has always been interesting.

Multicultural competence


Italy has a higher power distance index than United States. Generally, Italians expects people to have power differences, however they are pessimistic about a leader. They love to ridicule leaders and like breaking petty rules.

Italians are more collective while Americans are more individualistic. Individualism is where the society’s people are responsible for themselves and immediate family (Mead, 1994). In collective people remain members of a specific group. This is evident in many ways, for example, grown children do not live with their parents for a long time. Also, most of their businesses are owned by families or individual. They make decisions in a specific cohesive group and later communicate to others. Furthermore, dinner or lunch with unacquainted quests is taken in a restaurant.

Americans are more feminine while Italians are more masculine. In a masculine society, men are considered tough and women tender. In a feminine society these gender roles overlap. Even though nowadays women in Italy have entered the workforce, the numbers are few in top management positions. Men treat women with value machismo, women roles are to cook, clean and look after children. Also, they value material possessions. A father takes authoritative role of the family.

I was born and raised in Cambodia. Our culture people are raised to have respect for ancestors and past and desire to have good interpersonal relationships. Also people do not like confrontation in disagreement and like to accept things the way they are.

Moreover, people greet each other with palms together. This has helped me to always show respect to people. Also, I have live in America where cultures are very much different and have learnt to view things differently. Since America has people from different regions of the world. However, Italians like to break rules and do not keep time. I will take sometime to get used with such people.


Ukraine has lower masculinity than feminist dimension. Their masculinity index is lower than that of the American. Their gender roles are not very distinct. However, the difference in masculinity dimension is very small. This means Ukrainian culture is characterized by a less significant value between genders and they have a higher value of relationships.

Moreover, the uncertainty avoidance in Ukraine is higher than American. The Americans does not care much about what the future hold. On the other hand, the Ukrainians are less tolerant to changes. Also they seek to avoid situation that causes anxiety and suspense by establishing very strict rules.

American have individualism dimension while Ukrainian value collectivism. The individualism dimension is much lower compared to the Americans. They display very long traditions, which can be traced when land was a very essential factor of production. The Ukrainian culture values cares about family, children, aged as well as keeping long term friendships (Helbig & Mladineo, 2009). On the other hand, American value personal independence and rights. Their basic values are ambition and competitiveness. They value time and keep deadliness. Also they are not good at keeping deadlines. These are some of the differences which that might be difficult to cope with.

Though, being Cambodian has taught me to care about people very much American culture is far much different. People are more concerned with their individual rights, competitiveness. This has a major on how I view life nowadays. America has taught me to work hard in order to be successful and independent. Also, they do not fear suspense and they live for today. Ukraine, on the other hand, has very strict rules in their culture.


Deutsche Bank is an international corporation which has subsidiaries in Kyiv and Milan. I have always wanted to be a bank analyst. I have background in business course and this would be an opportunity to, make my dreams come true. In both subsidiaries, there is analyst vacancy. Currently, Ukraine political instability may make the investors to shy away, therefore, the bank will lose some of its customer. At the end, this will limit the possibility of bank expansion. On the other hand, Italy enjoys political stability. However, it is experiencing currency crisis due to price changes which has a huge impact on the bank. The damage that will be caused is minimal compared to Ukraine political instability.

The cost of living in Kyiv is much lower than Milan in terms of food, transport and entertainment. Also, Ukrainian is more generous and it can be easy to get along with them. Italians are pessimist and love to ridicule people, which I would consider to be rude. Milan, is more expensive than Kyiv, however, the life is still affordable with wide culture of art. I would prefer to work in Milan because political stability is very important. Also i am a fun of art because art make life beautiful.

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