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Analysis of Culture Jamming - Final Essay

Life of a person is characterized by consumption of commodities. It is the consumption of various goods and services that nourishes people, refreshes and perpetuates their living on earth. The aspect of consumption is what brought about divergent ...

Animal Rights

Animals have been giving companionship, providing transportation and serving as material for food and clothing aimed at human beings since the beginning of times. Their crucial role in people’s lives is undeniable, but their suffering and ...

Business of Fashion

Introduction The modern fashion market industry consists of designer brands and mass market brands that differ in price, style and status of the consumers who purchase the product. In fact, the consumers can perfectly substitute the functional ...

Is Capital Punishment a Deterrent to Crime within the Classical Theory?

Abstract The paper researches the interpretation of capital punishment through the prism of the Classic School of Criminology. The overview of the Classic School’s background and its interpretation of punishment allows the author to put ...

Contemporary Bollywood Music: Pritam's Music in Barfi!

Introduction Bollywood movies have traditionally employed much singing and dancing.  However, globalization and entrance to the world market presented Hindi cinema with the challenges that changed traditional approaches. Contemporary Bollywood ...

Critical Reaction

Introduction Global climate changes are first to attract the interest of different groups within the society and in particular scientists and politicians. As the Earth continues to experience harsh climatic conditions, the blame for environmental ...

Critical Review

Summary  In the article, ““We Rule the Base Because We’re Few”: “Lone girls”, in Israel’s Military”, Hauser refers to the position of women in the Israel’s Defense Forces, where the majority ...

Cultural Globalization

Introduction The globalization of cultures is the contemporary social phenomenon which points to the embodiment of the individual cultures and communities in a single cultural environment with shared ideas, values, and beliefs. The cultural ...

Culture and Environment Interaction

Introduction Culture is a fundamental makeup of human beings it defines human (homo sapien sapiens). As a result, it is an inescapable factor influencing an array of human life such as education, wealth distribution, health, environment interaction ...

Food Security In Africa

Food and proper nutrition are vital to the survival of every human being in the planet. It is a basic need that no one can leave without. Food insecurity, therefore, is defined a state of chronic lack of access to proper and nutritious food within a ...

Fracking Environmental Laws and Regulations

It is hard to argue with the fact that environment is under a serious threat. Every single sphere of human activity contributes much to pollution, distortion, and overall damage of the environment. First of all, it is important to pay attention to ...

Global Warming

Introduction Global warming is the gradual rise of the earth’s average atmosphere and its ocean, caused by human activities. Global warming is causing changing climatic cycles and occurrence of extreme weather like heat waves. Global warming ...


Homosexuality Much has by far been said about homosexuality but a few measures have been taken to deal with this ordeal. Is it that ignorance has grown into everyone’s way of life or is it that everyone is no longer interested in the written ...

Italian Mafia in the United States

History The Italian mafia in the United States is a highly organized and an influential criminal group of Italian-American origin. The groups originated from Sicily in Italy and the organization at the time was referred to as ‘Cosa ...

Marine Life

Despite the fact hunting was the key to survival in ancient civilizations, modern societies refuse to give up hunting and focus on farming as more effective, easier, and less cruel method of getting food. The majority of people ignore the fact that ...

Rise of Asylums in Nineteenth Century England: Capitalism, Mental Illness, and Social

Asylums occupy a distinct place in the history of psychiatry and mental illness. The purpose of the present work is to analyse why asylums became the primary mode of treating mental illness in the nineteenth century. The paper traces the evolution ...

The Role of Yangtze River in the Separation of Wu and the Wei States

Yangtze River plays an important role in Chinese history, civilization and culture. Its history has begun more than 2 million years ago with most cultural heritage sites being located along it banks. In the 1st century, three famous Kingdoms took ...

Serial Killers in Media: NY Times Highlights

1960’s: The Boston Strangler (Albert DeSalvo) The New York Times had published several articles revealing the details of horrible murders committed by Albert DeSalvo. All of them described the events regarding the series of murders, adding ...

Spiritual Growth Plan

Introduction Nobody would argue with the fact that every committed Christian attempts to keep enhancing his/her spiritual level. It is especially important for a future pastor as ministry requires a wide range of responsibilities towards God and ...

Susan B. Anthony's Journal

Susan B. Anthony’s Journal June 1834 As I look back into the past, I see the day I got my first job. My father had always tried to be fair with us, and even girls had equal chances with boys to win their share of earnings. I was twelve. One of ...

The Social Security Solvency Issue

The Social Security Solvency Issue After its implementation in 1935, the Social Security Act formed the grounds for the current social security program which offers benefits for people over 65 years who have already retired. They enjoy the benefits ...

The Uniform Code of Military Justice and Non-Judicial Punishment Systems

Abstract The essay includes an analysis of the basic and major positions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP) systems. The UCMJ defines the military justice system in the list of navy regulation. The NJP ...

Vision and Ideology

Clear understanding of personal and professional vision and ideology is extremely important for further life and career path. An individual should realize personal values associated with life goals and guiding principles for identification the ...

Top Tips for Writing Informative Essays

One of the greatest challenges to writing a great informative essay that appeals to readers is the ability to be impartial. An essay of this type requires the person writing it to act as expert and to educate readers who may not be familiar with the topic or the content of the thesis. The nature of the writing should simultaneously educate and motivate without putting forward any argument or giving any indication of the writer’s point of view. Delineation and meticulous preparation will make the writing process more effortless and enjoyable for you. Informative essays serve the purpose of not just offering opinions but to provide readers with information on a particular topic.   

What is an Informative Essay?

An informative essay, known also as an expository essay, has a number of purposes. Essays of this type compare different viewpoints, usually controversial views, on a given topic or subject. However, these essays should not include the opinion of the author or any analysis of information. Rather, like a cause effect approach, the aim is to educate readers. An informative essay presents a fair and full representation of the view of other people to inform about a situation, event, or incident.

In many cases, these types of essay are camouflage and flowery creative pieces. However, while they may include some truths, the reader can be left without knowing anything more about the topic than they did at the outset. So, to make sure your essay is concise, fully informative, and memorable for the reader, the following are a few good tips to ensure your writing is concise, factual, and has some influence. 

An Informative Essay Can:

  • Present the latest research on a given topic
  • Explain some concept or thing that a lot of readers will not already know
  • Define a complex or convoluted word or phrase
  • Analyze a relationship of the cause/effect variety
  • Show readers how to use some piece of knowledge or solve a particular problem
  • Compare and bring together two or more different perspectives or viewpoints.

The Structure of an Informative Essay

An essay of the informative variety explains some particular thing or provides direction on how to do something. If you were to write, for instance, about your best friend, your aim would be to write an expository or informative piece telling readers a number of things about that friend. Likewise, if your essay’s purpose was to provide directions on instructions for creating a paper hat, then your writing would also be an expository or informative piece giving those directions.

There are Five Parts to an Informative Essay:

  1. Paragraph of introduction
  2. First paragraph for the main body
  3. Second paragraph for the main body
  4. Third paragraph for the main body
  5. Paragraph of conclusion.

Ideas for an Informative Essay

Informative essays endeavor to inform or provide information on a particular topic. To write a good essay, it is essential to consider and present all points in a logical manner. Since an informative essay is meant to be objective, there is no place in it for any biased information or facts. Its sole purpose is to inform and educate readers about a topic.   

Start by asking a rhetorical question for effect rather than the answer

Example: Have you a friend who appears just perfect?

Choose language that is figurative

Example: My cat envelops me with love like a little furry blanket.

Begin with a well-known adage or quote

Example: As the old proverb goes, “He who plays with fire is likely to get burnt.”

Start off with a sentence that provides some background information on the topic 

Example: People generally found John to be an amenable and agreeable person.

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