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Assessment in School Counseling

Introduction Counseling entails providing assistance and encouragement to help in the provision of a solution to problems that people, groups, or communities face. The undertaking is centered on the client’s needs that a professional counselor ...


Question One Mohammed Mosaddeq started campaigning for nationalization of the oil industry immediately after his election to parliament in 1944. At the time, its control was in the hands of Britons and the Soviet Union influence. With consistent ...

Multiculturalism in Schools

Abstract Due to the establishment of global relations in terms of business and learning, different cultures have been forced to merge and form entirely new backgrounds that are not related to any specific ethnic group. Globalization has led to ...

10 Historical Philosophers

Al Ghazali Al Ghazali was born in 1058 A.D in Iran but was orphaned following the death of his father when he was still a young boy. Despite the loss of his father, Al Ghazali was privileged to attain a basic education in school Baghdad. His journey ...

Guide to Writing Education Essays: Five Great Tips for Succeeding in College

In an effort to set you off in the right direction for writing an essay, below are five great tips for writing a successful education essay. Our advice is guaranteed to help students get the high scores they aspire to.

Start Off with a Little Brainstorming: One of the first things that is definitely required before beginning to write an essay is to fully understand the topic or the subject matter you are writing about. Hence, an essential task in your capacity as writer is to do a thorough and comprehensive research of your chosen topic. This will help ensure all the information and facts you have are right and it will help you plan a strong discussion or argument when you finally get around to writing your paper’s first draft.  

Create Three Well-Structured Essay Parts. Essays are highly structured written pieces that present a number of points to either teach readers about something or to convey a message to them. Consequently, a good essay needs to adhere to a clearly defined structure, designed to help readers follow the writer’s line of thought without too much effort. College essays virtually always start off with an introductory paragraph that sets out the purpose of the entire essay and what it will cover. After this comes the main body of the essay, which lays out the facts, ideas, and figures that the writer uses to develop a path of reasoning described in the introduction paragraph. The final section is the concluding paragraph where the writer sums up their intention along with the argument they presented in the body paragraphs. This paragraph is used to wrap up the essay in a way that wows the reader.  

Write Your Initial Draft in a Way that Flows from Your Heart. When you have amassed sufficient knowledge and you have drafted an outline showing how you intend to develop your essay, the next thing to do is to starting writing the first draft based on your knowledge. Write this draft from your heart. This approach will allow your readers to feel what you are feeling as your thoughts flow through your words. Addressing readers directly from your heart also removes any chance of you plagiarizing the materials you collected to educate yourself about the topic.

Look for Feedback. If you are a college level student, it will be expected you have access to a certain amount of great writing help from friends or family or from figures of authority at your academic institution. This piece of advice is centered on the notion that you may be able to leverage any relationships you have with people who are experienced in essay writing. For example, you may be able to ask them to read what you have written and provide constructive comments on ways to improve it. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed about seeking help since it is a great way to develop good writing skills and become an effective writer.

Proofread and Correct Your Work: At this stage of your career, it is likely you are familiar with the role of editors and how their job involves fine-tuning and polishing all types of written texts. Remember that even the writers you admire most and believe are perfect are very likely to use professional editors to proofread their novels and correct any discrepancies in language and structure. Likewise, it is crucial you heed this piece of advice and engage expert editors to look for and correct any possible mistakes in your essays.


When it comes to essay writing, professors generally expect that you will show the best of your talents and follow the instructions and requirements provided by your teacher. Below are just 10 out of many great education essay topics for you. Just choose what you need or like and follow your inspiration to produce a great education essay or paper.


You should not limit yourself to discussing the way men and women develop their relationships. You can go beyond the most conventional topics and consider, for example, reasons why gay marriages fail or how problematic families manage to preserve their integrity for years and decades. For example, how come that families with an abusive mother or a father do not dissolve?


Terrorism is a topic that is relevant everywhere, including education. If you have read the latest news, you understand that the issue is urgent. You may want to create a fiction story of a terrorist act that was successfully prevented or the role of terrorism in education. Choose what you like!


Death penalty remains one of the most controversial topics in essay writing. It is even more problematic, when related to education. Do you believe that quality education can reduce the number of criminals on death row? Discuss.


You might have noticed how modern technologies impact education and learning. Try to consider the positives and negatives of this powerful relationship.


Whether or not marijuana should be legalized is a difficult question, as difficult as for example the question of death penalty or human cloning. Try to justify your position on marijuana and the role of the system of education in it.


Tons of academic essays have been written on health and wellness, but little is known about the function of education and the system in promoting health and wellness. Try to outline your position clearly and provide evidence to support the role of schools in public health.


Politics is another area of concern for academics and professionals. Politicians have a huge influence on the way education is provided. What is the latest news? What do politicians do to change the school climate and make it better?


Schools are central to the development and maturation of children and adolescents. Do you think that they are effective enough, or should any dramatic improvements be made to achieve better results? Consider these issues and discuss them using evidence.


Schools keep struggling to find the best balance of religion and science. Now it is your turn to evaluate this complex relationship and propose the best solution.


Have you noticed that the prevailing majority of schoolteachers are women? Do you think there is some kind of gender discrimination in education that keeps men from teaching in primary schools? Explain and provide evidence to support your claims. 

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