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In a large organization consisting of multiple generations, managers are faced with several management challenges. One of the challenges is communication barrier among different groups of generations. For the younger generation, their mode of communication and choice of words differ from the older generation. This may create a communication barrier between the various multiple generations in an organization. The other challenge is technological differences among the multiple generations. For the younger generations, most of them have been brought up in a world with the Internet, social networking and mobile devices. This has completely changed the way they act and think. A person who is in charge of corporate communication in such an organization should ensure that there is an official and acceptable mode of communication. He or she should also ensure that the multiple generations respect each other in the workplace.

Companies can successfully use the social media to meet their customer needs

The social media is one of the fastest growing applications on the Internet and the number of users increases every day. Companies like Apple Inc. or Nike can successfully carry out advertisement through the social media. They can establish pages on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook and in this way; they will be able to meet the customer’s needs.

There are several trends identified in this article which are crucial in facilitating communication in an organization. One of the trend is that 24/7 connectivity will become the norm. This means that communication will be taking place throughout the day using new technology such as mobile devices and the internet. The other trend is that the way in which the connected generation connects will transform major industries through connecting with people and data either at personal level or at work. The other trend is that the developing world will join the connected generation hence communication with the developing world will be easy. 

Buy custom Organization Communication essay

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