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Though I did not find accurate or erroneous information about myself on the internet, I found many websites and resumes discussing people that may be confusing others to think those are about me. The websites used either my last name and the middle one or the first and the last one, but not the full name. People who do not know my full name may therefore get confused by googling the names they know.

Most of the information I got about my name could not cause harm to my reputation as they were resumes and positive stories. For example, Vo Thi Yen Phi, a lecturer in practical course on microbiological analyses in waste water, possesses a Master of Science degree and other certificates including physiochemical analyses in water (Phi, n.d.). On another website, people could confuse me to be a hairdresser who became involved with Nu Skin in order to live a better life and have more time with her family (Nu Skin, n.d.).

Another website may confuse people to think that I am dead! (Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery, 2012). People who only know my middle name, Thi Yen, could think that I am Maria Tran Thi Yen who died at 64 years. Information like this, I think, should not be posted on the internet in order to avoid confusion; since many people share the same or similar names, and such information can make people believe that the people they know are dead. Other sources of information that should not be available on the internet are pornographic pictures or movies with characters having the same names as other well-known or respected people. Such pictures or movies can be very misleading and confusing and lead to an undeserved judgment.

Social networking sites such as Linkedin contains people sharing the same names with me, providing their professional information. Facebook, however, contains people with whom we share names and I could also follow their comments and discussions on either current or general issues. Different Facebook pages contain information that criticizes operations of some organizations, without directly mentioning the names; if they did, it would probably cause some troubles to those people. In my opinion, Facebook reveals a little too much of personal information. 

Buy custom Googling Yourself essay

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