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Social Impacts of Mass Media

In the twenty first century, the influence of media has grown tremendously especially with the advancement of technology. Initially, people used telegraphs, followed by radios, magazines, newspapers, TVs and currently the mobile phones and the internet. Today the world depends on communication information to move in the desirable direction. The society has put its confidence on the mass media as the authority to provide news, entertainment, work personal relationships, health care, and education. The media has capacity to shape the opinions of men and women in the world today. They have great influence especially on kids and teenagers though every man and woman in the universe is affected. We cannot deny the fact that media has great social impact on both men and women of the 21st century (Dill, 2009).

Media has greatly influenced employment in daily life

Men and women can now access information concerning job opportunities without having to visit public places. This is possible through advertisement and news on the media. The media has also strengthened people by enabling them to learn through the e-learning. People of all ages can now access education of all levels just at the comfort of their dwelling. However, some opportunities advertised do not exist at all and result in wasting time and resources. On the same, some people have lost money by engaging in unverified transactions (Sternheimer, 2003).

Through advertisement, men and women have learnt new products in the market

This way, people have upgraded as their need, interests and fashions are catered for through the different products. The great competition has also forced companies to improve their products as they aim to get more customers. However, the advertisement has negative influence especially on the youth when they advertise harmful products like cigars using celebrities. This makes the young people to emulate the celebrities whom they view as role models (Sternheimer, 2003).

The media has made life easier and more comfortable since men and women do not have to move from one place to another to communicate. People easily communicate using messages, telephone calls, telegraphs and social networks through the internet. However, criminals have started using the media to pass threats and other harmful information to people. This causes trauma and depression as people fear to face tomorrow.

Generally, people make daily decision mostly based on the information they get from the media. Values, decisions and believes are also based on the facts and assumptions people acquire from mass media. This is because media is relied on to offer news and pass information from one person to another. 

Buy custom Female and Male Created by Media in the 21st Century essay

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