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To begin with, there are many definitions of communication, and all of them are in some regard different, but overall we can claim that communication is the main thing when talking about any kind of relationship or interaction. However, there will be no result in communicating if there is no connection between the interlocutors. It is very important – to listen, whether the listening is active or passive.

First of all, I am absolutely convinced that a good listener and speaker can overcome all the difficulties that may occur while communicating. Nowadays, there is a popular term “generation gap”, people of younger, modern generation find it difficult to communicate with people of an older generation. In order to find out whether there is some way to understand these people, I have decided to talk to people of this generation. The subject of our conversation was – the barrier between youth and older people. I asked them whether there occur any problems or obstacles when they are communicating with youth. What I have learnt is that it depends on the personality of the person we are talking to. One more thing which I have found out is that it is not so complicated to get pleasure of the conversation with the older generation; moreover we can get to know a lot of interesting information. Older people have an enormous experience, so we can learn something new. Moreover, I have learnt how to find something in common with the older generation. All people were young, older people are so excited when talking about their youth and it is so absorbing to listen to their stories. Furthermore, I have found out that these people need someone to talk to, they need some attention; just think of how agreeably it is for them to know that there is the person that is ready to listen to them. When speaking about their youth, I noticed these people became “alive”, it seemed as if they were young again. The conclusion I have made of this conversation is that it is very important – to listen and to talk with older people, our grandparents in particular; it is really important for them. Sometimes it seems unbearable to listen to all those unnecessary for us things, but we have to remember that if a person tells us something, it means this “something” is important for that person.

The partner is a very important factor

If both of the partners listen and respond – the talk will be great! When people are communicating, they want to be heard, they need to feel that what they are talking about is important to their partner. In this case, active listening can help. While active listening, we try to catch the idea of what the person is talking about in order to give some reply later.  During my conversation, I have learnt that to listen is an art and we can get pleasure of it. Usually, people do not like to listen, they are more interested in themselves; the thing that bothers them more is to tell everything they want. Truly saying, while talking with my partner I have felt a connection, I enjoyed talking with a person who has a huge experience and knows a lot of things. However, at the very beginning of our conversation there was some tension, but in the process it has disappeared. What is more, if the partner feels we are interested in what he/she is talking about, we will get the same response: the partner will also listen to us, and this is exactly what I have got. We have had a real dialogue, not a monologue, but a real two-side conversation. When I was listening, I rather listened because I was interested in our conversation. It was important for me not to mishear some information.

I feel that with the help of conversation, we can either improve or worsen the relationship. A lot depends on how good person is in conversation, because it is impossible to build some relationships without communicating, and it will be uneasy to do so if we have nothing to talk about, or if we cannot understand one another.

To sum up, I would like to say that nothing is impossible

There is always some way to remove the difficulties in understanding – the easiest way is to find something in common. It will not take us long to do this if we have some wish to do this. Real communication makes people closer. We should communicate because this is the thing that keeps our society alive!

Buy custom Communication essay

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