You might have never thought how deeply connected anxiety and sleep are. While such common things as a night’s sleep you recharge your batteries, or at least you have to. But do you usually find it easy to have a good night’s sleep? Or terrible night's sleep has already become your best friend for a while? You might have no idea that there is a direct link between anxiety and sleep, but being aware of this link you are likely to significantly relieve anxiety symptoms.

Whether it is the memories of the day just gone or the challenges the coming day might bring, you are struggling with your night-time anxieties and can’t do anything with that. Everyone knows how it feels like! You want such a simple thing at the first sight; you just need to get a decent night’s kip. But how can you manage that challenge if the worries have already settled in your dreams and terrible night's sleep is a tendency, not an occasion?

How to cope with our over-tired, under-slept mind? Why do we often find it difficult to have a good night's rest?

“Sleep on it” before making a big decision does make sense. Only a rested mind can stay sharp and healthy for sure. How can anyone make good and rash decisions being sleep-deprived? If your body and brain lack the proper rest, they just can’t function properly.

What Happens because of This Dysfunctional Relationship between Anxiety and Sleep?

We are totally stressed out and unable to sleep. That in turn, according to the new research, will lead to further anxiety issues. Almost every psychiatric disorder tends to have some form of sleep disruption.

That’s why everyone needs to be aware of the vicious circle of anxiety and sleep as it might cause various health problems over time. It usually starts just with a headache or pains in the body. But then it goes further and migrates into any kinds of other conditions, such as depression and insomnia to heart disease and diabetes.

There are some simple lifestyle habits that will definitely help you to have a good night's rest every night.

  1. Your own evening routine

Just the slightest thought of another schedule is completely enough to trigger your anxiety again. Your mind is busy non-stop constantly working, whether replaying events or planning them. Just to be with yourself and sit still nowadays seems to be an impossible dream.

You should carve out a little “you time” as your body and mind need some awareness and attention. By carving out a little “you time,” you give them a chance to calm down and have a better sleep. Choose the best peaceful activity that will allow you to wind down. Whether it will be a book, bath, or meditation depends only on you. Just make sure you do this like clockwork.

Set your own evening routine and do your best to keep regular bedtime as often as it’s possible. If one night you are going to bed at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. the next, it definitely won’t work! Establishing and following your evening routine will undoubtedly help your sleep!

  1. Shut down those screens an hour before bedtime

A truly healthy evening routine definitely means saying “NO” to all those screens. You might say that watching Netflix help you to fall asleep, but still do you really think that watching something just right before your sleep is a good idea? Mind that it also concerns updating your social media profiles. Shut down everything as the blue light that any device emits overstimulates your mind instead of helping it to calm down. Are you aware that screens block the production of serotonin which is really valuable as it keeps us feeling calm?

You might continue using your smartphone or laptop in bed with no idea that it’s one of the biggest causes of night-time anxiety, sleep deprivation, and unwanted pain. There is no need to mention why is shutting all those screens is a must to do. Instead of diving into devices enjoy better your established evening routine.

Leave your phone in the other room and get yourself an old-school alarm clock and get ready for sweeter dreams!

  1. Create a relaxing atmosphere

You should provide yourself with a soothing atmosphere in order to feel instantly relaxed. It should be the same as you go to a spa. A deeply relaxing environment – that is the inevitable thing you need to take care of. Use every possible tool that you feel is useful when you need to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Soft lights, soothing aromas, and calming music – it sounds so simple but are effective tools to coax your body and mind into a state of peace. It no way means you need to spend a fortune on that stuff. Just find something that you’ll enjoy and can afford in your own bedroom. Make yourself a spa right at your home. A few drops of a calming essential oil like lavender will calm you down and relax.

Your bedroom should become the best place for you to calm down after a long busy day, the place where you feel peaceful and safe…and finally sleepy. Make yourself a favor and avoid waking up with anxiety attack at all costs.

Remember about the link between anxiety and sleep and try the above-mentioned tips and get the sleep that you deserve! As soon as you find out what is a good night's sleep, you’ll see how happier and healthier your life could be!