Observing the Patriot Day

The 11th of September 2001 is the day when the USA experienced one of the most terrible terrorist attacks in the history of the whole world. Approximately 3,000 people were killed during this attack and the victims comprised children, men, and women. This date will always remind of the huge void that appeared in hearts of all Americans after this horrible act of terrorism.

However, it might have turned out unexpected for those who brought hatred to our land that our country did not bend and did not fall to its knees but became even stronger and more resilient. Since that time, our nation grew stronger and became more united to stand together against other potential threats aimed at making us weaker. Our nation has learned the principles of endurance, progress, renewal, and resilience.

Americans will always remember the innocent people that became victims of this cruel terrorist attack. As a sign of remembrance, Americans will strengthen the communities and spread the hope for the better among their fellow citizens. Since that fateful date of September 11, Americans became more compassionate and empathetic towards one another. Many people who were left alive risked their own lives to help those who were injured or found under the wrecks of the buildings. Such actions were a sign of heroism that is present in the life of every American. There were many volunteers who collaboratively worked to donate blood, money, and help the victims in their treatment and recovery process. Besides, people from the other countries also demonstrated their sympathy and compassion and helped when we were in need.

Therefore, it is important to commemorate all those who were innocently killed in this terroristic act, to mourn with their families and just remind all people that we remember about that painful occurrence. We encourage all citizens of the USA to spend this National Day of Service and Remembrance on remembering those innocent people killed as well as all those who helped in saving the ones left alive. When we are together, it means that we won’t allow anyone to destroy or harm our land.